‘The Show’ Episode 36: Jed Hoyer talks Cubs future, busy offseason

‘The Show’ Episode 36: Jed Hoyer talks Cubs future, busy offseason

Baseball season is just around the corner, and there are a lot of questions on the minds of all fans alike. That can only mean one thing.

Joel Sherman and Jon Heyman open up the mailbag for the first time on “The Show” podcast for some hard hitting questions from the listeners, including topics on the Yankees, Mets and spending in baseball.

Their guest this week was Chicago Cubs president Jed Hoyer.

“The Show” Podcast with Joel Sherman and Jon Heyman:

  • MAILBAG QUESTIONS: Joel and Jon answer questions from the listeners that include what the Yankees should do with their multiple shortstops, if a Pete Alonso contract extension can happen and will MLB ever institute a salary floor spending cap.

Jed Hoyer Interview:
President of the Chicago Cubs

  • THE DYNASTY THAT WASN’T: When the 2016 Chicago Cubs won their World Series, many thought it was the start of a dynasty. That team, however, would never get back to the World Series. Why did that team never win again?
  • BUSY OFFSEASON: After what was a very disappointing 2022 campaign, Hoyer talks about the free agents that were acquired this offseason to bolster his club. With the main objective being to upgrade the infield, centerfield and a power bat, Hoyer did just that.
  • PAYROLL CRITICISM: The Cubs faced backlash from the media and fans last year for their unusually low payroll. This year, however, their payroll will end up being over $200 million. Hard decisions had to be made following Theo Epistein’s departure, but there is confidence the Cubs are set for the future with their young talent.
  • LEARNING FROM THE PAST: Though Hoyer has had quite a bit of success during his time in baseball, there have been some hard learned lessons along the way. Adapting while a club is on top and the importance of team chemistry are two things that he cites as keys to success.


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