'The Genetic Detective' Preview: CeCe Moore's Investigative Efforts Follow Unusual Case Throughout ABC Crime Show

'The Genetic Detective' Preview: CeCe Moore's Investigative Efforts Follow Unusual Case Throughout ABC Crime Show

On Tuesday night, "The Genetic Detective" will follow CeCe Moore's work as she takes on her first "hot" case. The new episode of the ABC crime show will feature the genetic genealogist pivoting from the typical type of work that she does, which will allow viewers to see a new component of her investigative efforts as she partners with police to identify a suspect.

According to a press release, the new "Genetic Detective" will differentiate from other episodes throughout the season due to the fact that Moore will attempt to solve a case that is only three weeks old. As her work tends to revolve around cold cases, this serves as a deviation from what she typically focuses on. 

After receiving an "urgent email from a St. George, Utah, detective," Moore begins applying her successful methods to the newest case, which surrounds the rape of a 79-year-old woman. This time, due to the short timeframe from the crime being committed to Moore receiving the information, there is a new urgency as the rapist "could easily strike again." 

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Tuesday night's episode of the true crime show will also feature new interviews from those personally affected by the case, including victim and activist Carla Brooks, St. George Police Department’s Detective Josh Wilson and reporter Jessica Miller.

Additionally, viewers will also get to follow the genetic genealogist as she witnesses the first jury trial conviction from a case that she worked on throughout the season premiere, the 1987 murders of Jay Cook and Tanya Van Cuylenborg. At that time, the couple had been traveling from Vancouver to Seattle. However, their bodies were later recovered miles apart. After the crimes remained unsolved for decades, Moore stepped in and helped determine the person responsible.

Prior to the new episode, Moore also utilized her skills to uncover new clues and details surrounding the 1996 murder of 18-year-old Angie Dodge, the 1988 abduction and killing of 8-year-old April Tinsley, and the case of the Ramsey Street Rapist.

This episode of "The Genetic Detective," called "The Hot Case," will air Tuesday at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC. 

CeCe Moore CeCe Moore is a genetic genealogist on ABC’s “The Genetic Detective." Photo: ABC