How to fix Once Human No Access to Rift Anchor

How to fix Once Human No Access to Rift Anchor

As you progress through the main story of Once Human, you’ll come across Rift Anchors which are required in order for you to keep going along the questing path.

However, a lot of players are coming across them and realizing they don’t have access yet, leaving them a little dumbfounded.

If you’re one of these, we’ll reveal why you’re receiving the Once Human ‘No Access to Rift Anchor’ message so you can get it corrected right away.

Once Human No Access to Rift Anchor explained

If you’ve come across a Rift Anchor on your travels and are a little baffled as to why it’s not letting you use it, it’s because there are some prerequisites before you’re able to do so.

Rift Anchors are tied specifically to the main story, requiring you to complete the main quests/tasks in a specific region, with only the Monolith boss left, in order to unlock the ability to use them.

Once you have completed the required number of main quests in the region to allow access to the Rift Anchor, it will then be marked with a bright purple beam of light so you know it’s good to use.

One thing to note here though is that if you’re still not able to use the Rift Anchor in your desired region, it could be that you didn’t defeat the Monolith Boss in the previous area, which will have required Rift Anchor access also.

Essentially, just play through the main story and you shouldn’t come across the No Access to Rift Anchor message since you’re doing everything in the correct order.

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