The Death Row Inmate Who Survived Lethal Injection

The Death Row Inmate Who Survived Lethal Injection

Broom was at the time incarcerated for a botched kidnapping of another girl, this time an 11-year-old. He was in the middle of the kidnapping when his van became stuck due to an icy roadway (via The Criminal Journal). Broom was tried and convicted on eyewitness testimony and DNA evidence, and sentenced to death by lethal injection (via The Criminal Journal).

After losing several appeals, including one that involved a second look at his DNA, Broom (above) was at last brought out of his cell and strapped to a gurney. But what should have been his last day alive didn't end as intended. On that date, September 15, 2009, technicians were unable to locate Broom's veins so that the IV could be secured (via Associated Press). 

After two hours of failed attempts to establish a viable IV line, his would-be executioners gave up. In that two-hour time frame, they had made 18 failed jabs into Broom's arms and legs. One jab was such a failure that it struck one of Broom's bones (via Associated Press).

Broom filed an appeal almost immediately, challenging the state of Ohio's power to execute him twice. A court ruled 4-3 against Broom, and his execution was rescheduled for June 17, 2020. But was the state able to lethally inject the prisoner?