The Blue Angels Select FIRST Female Pilot: Lt. Amanda Lee Joins the Squadron

The Blue Angels Select FIRST Female Pilot: Lt. Amanda Lee Joins the Squadron

Skye, a Scottish island, has gained fame for generosity thanks to a unique and beautiful wedding.

To tie the knot in the Scottish Highlands on the Isle of Skye, Paul and Amanda Riesel flew over four thousand miles to the Island from Florida, USA.

The school feeding supervisor with her fiance spent upwards of $12,000 on their wedding, which had been planned for two years.

It was only after their jet was rerouted to Philadelphia, resulting in three days of delays and stranding the couple at various airports, that their fairytale started to disappear. There were glitches along the way for everyone, as Paul put it. “Delays, delays, delays,” he moaned.

At 11 p.m. on Monday, the evening before their nuptials, the fatigued couple finally made it to Skye, yet to find that their belongings had vanished.

Couples were ready to put off their wedding when there was no wedding gown or suit. Before we arrived in Inverness, Amanda stated, “We had no idea that our luggage hadn’t come along until we arrived.” Fortunately, she had the wedding bands and roses with her in her carry-on luggage. The baggage conveyor was bare when we arrived, and our suitcases were nowhere to be found.” There was just nothing I could do after realizing that we had no choice but to cancel.”

Fortunately, Rosie Woodhouse, a local photographer, as well as the islanders’ generosity beyond their expectations. “I assured them I was confident that this would work,” Woodhouse said. “Skye is a wonderful spot to visit.”

A few minutes before the clock struck twelve on Monday, Woodhouse took to a Skye social media platform to make a plea. As of 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday, she had already received numerous offers of support. By 10 a.m., Amanda had her pick of eight bridal gowns, while Paul would have a full kilt ensemble.

Fortunately, Amanda found makeup at a neighboring pharmacist, and Woodhouse was kind enough to host the pair at her house for a hearty lunch.

According to Amanda, “Rosie accomplished everything, I was completely unaware of all that was going on behind the scenes.” Another woman even brought over several pieces of her clothes to aid in a time of need.” We awoke to this stunning sight that had been specially arranged for us. We were married as a result of her tenacity.

For the rest of our lives, “every single individual Rosie exposed us to and therefore decided to help… will have a presence in our hearts,” she said. In Orlando, the residents of Skye will be known as the folks that helped us make our love into a wonderfully imperfect wedding day. We can’t put into words how thankful we are,” they said.

Her joyous day was made much better by the fact that she wore the attire of a school meals supervisor. Theresa, a dinner woman at a local elementary school in Broadford, owned the clothing she wore, and she was also great with doing dinner at her home. The fact that it was made by a teacher who cares about and nourishes her students made wearing it much more meaningful to me.