Terrell Owens on heated dispute with neighbor: ‘I could’ve died’

Terrell Owens on heated dispute with neighbor: ‘I could’ve died’

Terrell Owens followed up on his dispute with a neighbor with a stark assessment of the situation.

“I could have died,” Owens told TMZ Sports.

The Hall of Fame wide receiver was involved this week in an incident with a neighbor near his home in Florida in which the police were called after a verbal dispute. The woman was heard on video saying, “You’re a black man approaching a white woman” after Owens was allegedly speeding near her home.

“If the wrong type of cops came out, if they got the wrong information. Her, you saw the video, she started crying, you never know how that situation could have turned,” Owens said.

The 48-year-old Owens, who played 15 seasons in the NFL, said he feared for his safety, though added the police kept things calm upon arrival.

Former NFL receiver Terrell Owens at this year's ESPY Awards.Former NFL receiver Terrell Owens at this year’s ESPY Awards.Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

“Honestly, I could’ve died and the storyline would be totally different,” Owens said.

He added that he wants the neighbor to face legal repercussions.

“I’m hoping the people here in Florida, they’re monitoring what has transpired,” Owens said. “I’m hoping that maybe [Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody] can get on this and see what can be done because like I said this could’ve turned really, really bad and like I said, this could’ve been a situation where you guys may not have been talking to me live here today, but been talking about me in another way.”