‘Succession’ Season 4 Premiere: Matthew Macfadyen On Where Tom Stands With Logan & Shiv; Creator Jesse Armstrong On Spinoffs

‘Succession’ Season 4 Premiere: Matthew Macfadyen On Where Tom Stands With Logan & Shiv; Creator Jesse Armstrong On Spinoffs

After that cutthroat season 3 cliffhanger, expect the onset of season 4 of Succession to be a rocky road for Matthew Macfadyen’s Tom Wambsgans.

You’ll remember that when we last left off, Tom was a total Brutus, throwing his wife Shiv (Sarah Snook) and her siblings, Kendell (Jeremy Strong) and Roman (Kieran Culkin) under the bus; informing his father-in-law, media titan Logan Roy, that his kids were about to thwart his merger with tech company GoJo. Logan gave Tom an attaboy-pat-on-the-shoulder. Why did Tom do it? He was fed up with his wife’s shenanigans: Her championing for an open marriage, and him continually being framed as the fall guy for Waystar Royco’s dilemmas. That gutsy part in season 3 delivered Macfadyen a Supporting Actor Drama Series Emmy win.

Tonight at the NYC premiere of Succession, Macfadyen told Deadline how the final season tees up for Tom:

“They have a trail separation, Tom and Shiv, they’re in a bit of a bad spot,” the actor said, “They haven’t really talked about it.”

But all is well with Logan, right?

Macfadyen continued “He’s also slightly shaken with Logan as well. Logan blows hot and cold, and he’s (Tom) not sure that he’s put all his eggs in the right basket.”

“Most of the time, Tom is always, on shaky ground,” the actor added.

While no one wants to see Succession end, we’re curious about future spinoffs. So, we asked creator Jesse Armstrong which character might get one.

His answer: “I think it would be a fun parlor game that I would do with my pals, but I wouldn’t say it publicly, as it might get misconstrued. I’d write for all of them, but I don’t think any of them are ripe for an actual TV spinoff.” Oh, darn.

Armstrong said that his decision to wrap with season four stemmed from thinking that anything further “didn’t feel right.”

“The biggest challenge once we decided this was it, then you’re writing toward an end point, and therefore most of those challenges have gone. You have to try to make things feel true and satisfying, and you do start running out of road. Not every story runs at the same pace,” the 5x Emmy winner and Oscar nominee told Deadline.

Succession‘s fourth and final season returns to HBO on Sunday, March 26.