Steam Deck Reserve option not available for my region or country: Here’s why

Steam Deck Reserve option not available for my region or country: Here’s why

The upcoming handheld video game console, Steam Deck is not available for many regions and countries as of now. Read the full article to know more about this topic. Steam Deck is an upcoming video game console developed by Valve Corporation.

As the name suggests, the players will be able to enjoy only Steam games on this platform. When we talk about handheld video game consoles, Nintendo Switch is the first thing that comes to our mind. Steam Deck also lies in a similar category and is ready to give Switch, a competition. As of now, only the handheld console is available to pre-order. But, Valve has confirmed that an official dock will also be available soon.

The shipping of Steam Deck is scheduled to start from December 2021. Steam Deck comes in a total of 3 variants each having different specs and features. The basic version of the Steam Deck will cost you USD 399. Moreover, let’s discuss that why some players are not able to pre-order Steam Deck from the official website.

Steam Deck Regions

Talking about the regions or countries, Steam Deck is only available to pre-order/reserve in the United States of America, Canada, the European Union, and the United Kingdom. Though this upcoming gaming console is only available in four countries, Valve will surely launch it worldwide in multiple phases. You can say that this is like a test run for the console to take some reviews about it.

Many players have already started comparing it to the similar prevailing gaming console, Nintendo Switch. So, my guess is that Valve will record some reviews and suggestions of the product before launching it worldwide.

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