Starfield Shielded Cargo Not Working Issue: Is There Any Fix Yet?

Starfield Shielded Cargo Not Working Issue: Is There Any Fix Yet?

If you enjoy playing space exploration RPG titles, then you must be aware of the latest game in the genre, Starfield. This space-themed game from Bethesda Game Studios came out on September 6, 2023, for PC and Xbox Series X/S. Another addition to the long list of action/RPG titles, Starfield caught the attention of fans due to its enthralling open-world gameplay with deep space exploration features. This, as expected, has created a large fanbase for the game. However, no game is absolutely flawless. The players of Starfield often encounter certain errors and bugs every once in a while that bothers them quite a bit. Likewise, in this guide, we have shared details on an issue in the game that has made Starfield fans increasingly frustrated. So, if you’re facing the shielded cargo not working issue in Starfield, continue reading until the end for workarounds on how to fix it.

The gameplay mechanics of Starfield are robust and unique, which has been successful in making the players fall in love with it. However, certain issues do annoy players from time to time. Well, as per player reports, the shielded cargo hold feature is not working properly in the game, as the chances of not getting caught stay at 0% even after storing the contraband inside the hold. If you aren’t already aware, the shielded cargo hold in spaceships is for smuggling contraband items, i.e., items that are illegal. With the shielded cargo not working issue, players run the risk of getting caught by the in-game law enforcement authorities for partaking in illegal activities. So, what exactly can be done to overcome this problem in the game? Let’s find out.

Starfield Shielded Cargo Not Working Issue: How to Fix?

Starfield Shielded Cargo Not Working

So, there can be multiple reasons that can make the shielded cargo fail to work properly in Starfield. Here, you can find all the possible workarounds for troubleshooting this issue in the game.

Ensure that you are carrying the contraband inside the Shielded Cargo Space

If you’re carrying contraband items on your ship, you must store them inside the designated shielded cargo hold. Carrying the illegal items in any of the other storage spaces of your ship or even in your character’s inventory will mean that they’ll be detected by the scanners and you’ll be caught. So, ensure that you’re carrying the contraband inside the shielded cargo hold itself. However, the catch here is that if you encounter highly powerful scanners, your contraband can still be detected by those devices. And there’s really nothing that you can do to overcome this problem.

Check if the cargo space is full

Even the shielded cargo space can only carry so much. If you try to carry more items than the shielded cargo space can hold, it’ll expose you to the possibility of being caught. Make sure to not fill your ship’s shielded cargo hold storage space to the brim with contraband, as you will have a higher possibility of getting caught.

Replace cargo from stolen ship

If you’re using a stolen ship that already has a shielded cargo hold, you should replace it with a new one. The game currently has a bug where not replacing the already existing shielded cargo hold can leave the entire contraband exposed to scanners.

Upgrade shielded cargo

Leveling up the shielded cargo hold can prove to be a good step for improving the concealment of various contrabands. An upgraded shielded cargo can hold more items in storage and can even bypass powerful scanners. So investing in this upgrade is worth it. You can even install mods on it to improve your chances of not getting caught.

Well, now you know how to fix the shielded cargo not working issue in Starfield. If you want to read more such gaming-related content, stay tuned to DigiStatement.