Starfield: How to remove Dead NPC bodies from Ship

Starfield: How to remove Dead NPC bodies from Ship

It’s been more than two weeks since Bethesda Studio’s Starfield was officially released on September 6 of this year. Available for Xbox Series X/S and Windows, it was a long-awaited launch for lots of Bethesda fans, as Starfield happens to be the studio’s newest IP in over 25 years. It is a solid release from Bethesda, and as a result, it has generated more excitement for TES VI. Now, with the game being such a fresh release, there are lots of things that players want to know about it. And this guide in particular will focus on helping you learn how to remove dead bodies from your ship.

It’s unesthetic to see a dead body just lying around in a ship. If you want to get an enemy ship for yourself, casualties are bound to be there. The dead bodies are evidence of that statement. However, you can’t just keep ignoring these dead bodies continuing to be an eyesore for you. But fret no more! By the end of this guide, you will get to learn all there is to know about getting rid of dead NPC bodies from your ship in the game.

Starfield: How to remove Dead NPC bodies from ShipStarfield: How to remove Dead NPC bodies from Ship

Starfield: How to remove Dead NPC bodies from Ship

There are several ways to remove a dead NPC body from your ship. You can use any of the following methods to get the ship looking clean again.

Modify the ship –

Players need to alter/edit their ship by visiting any of the Ship Services Technicians and this will automatically remove the dead body. You don’t really have to do anything crazy. Just putting in one or two components or even swapping some ship components will do the trick. Additionally, repainting your ship also results in the same outcome as other methods.

Register this newly acquired ship –

For some players, registering their ship was all it took to remove those dead bodies inside. Ships can be registered either at a ship vendor or in the Data Menu’s Ship section. Do note that you will first have to designate the newly acquired ship as your home ship and then register it. Furthermore, registering also requires several credits, depending on the rarity, size, and complexity. So ensure that you have a considerable amount of credits to yourself.

Use console command –

The console commands once again come to the rescue. Just open it up by pressing the tilde key (~), and then select the dead NPC’s body. Find the correct NPC ID, type in “disable” and hit enter. The body will no longer be there. This method can’t be used by console players as the console command isn’t available for that version of the game. Also, if you didn’t already know, you can use console commands to get infinite credits too.

Move the body –

As shown here in this video, you can move or drag dead bodies in Starfield after interacting with them and pressing E several times. Use this method, and then store the body in a storage container or something like it. Later on, you can ditch that container, or if you like, just modify it, and the body will be gone.

That’s all there is when it comes to removing dead bodies from your ship in Starfield. In case your extractors started not working in the game, then we have a guide on that. And so, keep following DigiStatement for more Starfield-related content. Also read: Starfield Grunt Work Quest Bug: Is there any fix yet