Stalkers, dead neighbors and Tinder twists: TikTokers share wild life stories

Stalkers, dead neighbors and Tinder twists: TikTokers share wild life stories

A new TikTok trend is shaking up the social media platform as users lip-sync along to an uplifting gospel song — while paradoxically detailing their most shocking life stories.

Against the soaring backing track “In the Sanctuary,” performed by Kurt Carr and the Kurt Carr Singers, people are moving, grooving and shaking — often with exaggerated hand movements and long mouth expressions — as they share their wildest experiences ever, with many going viral.

How wild?

One woman divulged that she discovered she was sleeping next to a dead body for months, while another revealed that she had a stalker in high school.

Many of the videos across TikTok have gone viral, with the track getting attached to more than 28,000 clips of users dropping their insane storytimes.

Here are a few of the craziest stories around.

‘I laugh about it now tho lol #stalker

One TikTok was shared by user Emily Zeck, aka @thatpineapplegirl.

“I laugh about it now tho lol #stalker,” she captioned the 1-minute clip. “Getting a call from an international number while I was in high school from a 30-year-old man I’ve never met who claimed to be in a relationship with me,” she wrote on her video.

“A week later, he sells everything, leaves his country and shows up at my local Starbucks looking for me,” she claimed. Zeck then revealed how freaked out she was, blocked him and hid the situation from her parents.

However, three years passed, and while Zeck believed the worst was over — it apparently wasn’t.

“I come home on a random Tuesday to four cop cars and my mom crying because the creep found my parents, threatened my family and sent screenshots of a catfish profile of me and [claimed I was in love with him,” she said of her alleged pursuer.

“This guy knew every detail of my personal life,” she detailed in text on her TikTok post. “The cops suggested I don’t go anywhere by myself.”

In a follow-up video, she went into more detail about what reportedly went down. She said that the stalker had hired a private investigator — who contacted her father. The PI told her dad that the man was actually someone in Nigeria who hacked Zeck’s personal information. Thankfully, the man quietly went away, Zeck claimed, and she hasn’t heard from him in more than a decade.

Tender Tinder time

User Jacqueline Woodwell shared a video in which she described her experience dating on Tinder — while she was four months pregnant.

Woodwell explained how she had just gotten out of a relationship and realized “she’s a single mom before actually becoming a mother.”

After one guy messaged her, they went on a date. “He was smitten and wanted to continue dating. I told him as much as I wanted to, I [couldn’t because] I had a lot going on,” she wrote, alluding to her busy life as a pregnant woman.

In a sweet move, her “Tinder boy” even reportedly sent her flowers after she gave birth.

She also shared that her daughter’s father came back and wanted to try to make their relationship work again — but Woodwell said she was finally moving on.

The next day, her Tinder beau asked her out for a second date.

True love prevailed, and Woodwell dished that she’s been dating her Tinder match for the past five years — and they plan to get married later this year.

Bugging out

Reagan Baylee posted about her batty encounter on TikTok, jokingly captioning it: “There has never been a trend more deserving of this story.”

As she exaggeratedly mimed singing into a microphone, Baylee divulged that there was one event when she moved into her apartment and found flies and roaches starting to crawl all over her floor.

Her manager said at the time that the weather was just hot and every tenant has bugs in their homes. However, Baylee said she still couldn’t sleep and things “start[ed] feeling super off.”

She tried to calm herself by thinking that everyone was going through the same issue as her due to the global coronavirus pandemic continuing to rage on.

However, a horrid, rancid smell soon began to foul up her place. She said she called building management, who reportedly found nothing strange. Baylee even called the police — twice, she claimed, to no avail.

Meanwhile, the building management reportedly scolded her for “making a fuss” and demanded she “leave the neighbors alone.”

For better or worse, Baylee eventually discovered what was creating the disturbing disruptions.

She had been sleeping 3 feet away from a dead neighbor’s body — for two months.