Skateboarding- Kokona Hiraki Age Birthday, Parents Brother And Family Instagram

Skateboarding- Kokona Hiraki Age Birthday, Parents Brother And Family Instagram
How Old Is Kokona Hiraki From Japan? Meet The Young Skateboarding Star Of Olympics 2020 Table of Contents
Kokona Hiraki, who is just 12 years old has become the youngest olympian in 85 years to win a medal. 
Kokona Hiraki is officially the youngest Skateboarder in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. 
She is not only the youngest in the year 2020, but she is one of the youngest in the 85 years of history of the Olympics, to become the youngest Olympian to win a medal. 
Kokona has also become the youngest Japanese to win a medal for their country, which definitely made her parents and family proud. 
Kokona Hiraki won the Silver medal, becoming second with 59.04 points scored on her table. She was so close to her rival S.Yozozumi, who scored 60.09 points on her point table. 
Despite that, both the athletes are from Japan, and the third went to Great Britain’s S.Brown, with 56.47 points.  Kokona Hiraki Age And Birthday: How Old Is The Skateboarder?
Kokona Hiraki is 12 years old as of 2021. She celebrates her birthday on the 26th of August.
Hiraki was born in the year 2008. Her hometown is in the Kutchan city of Hokkaido, Japan. 
Kokona had made history by becoming the youngest player to win a medal. If she had won a gold medal, then it would be hard to beat her record.  
With small sports being more popular in the Olympics, more and more younger kids are now participating in the international level, and even bringing home Gold, just like Kokona.
Who Are Kokona Hiraki Parents? 
Kokona’s parents are definitely proud of their daughter’s performance. 
As of now, there is still a lot of details that is needed to be discovered about the young athlete. She has not revealed much about her parents in the media, and might wants to keep it a little secret, revealing it later. 
Also, she is rumored to have a brother, but nothing is confirmed as of now. There is still a need for confirmation from Kokona’s side, until then we might have to wait. 
Is Kokona Hiraki On Instagram? 
Talking about Kokona’s Instagram, she is pretty famous for 12 years old girls. 
She has over more than 20.6k followers on her Instagram account, with only 132 posts. She is also found to follow 664 people. 
Her Instagram shows her affections towards her sports, showing different moves, and tricks that can be done on the board. 
Practicing with people older than her, Kokona has become an inspiration for many girls, showing how they can also be the ones to play those sports that are only named for boys.