Why Do ‘Star Wars’ Shows Look So Bad?

Why Do ‘Star Wars’ Shows Look So Bad?

There is a lot to like about Star Wars’ latest series, The AcolyteIt’s presented one of the more complex images of Jedi in history; on this show they are far more flawed and complicated than they’ve typically been shown in the past. There have been some really intriguing mysteries about Mae and Osha and their shared past. And the show has also featured some really fun use of wirework and lightsaber battles as well.

But there’s something that’s holding this show back — and it’s an issue we have encountered on other Disney+ Star Wars series. Parts of this show don’t look great. The creature design, the costumes, all that stuff is typically excellent. But the cinematography as a whole doesn’t seem as epic or as rich as it does in Star Wars movies, or even comparable TV shows of this scale, like House of the Dragon. 

On our latest Star Wars: The Acolyte video, we discuss the pros and cons of Episode 7 of the show, including our interest in this coven of Force witches, and our appreciation of Sol as a character. And we also talk about the way this show looks, and offer some ideas about how that could be improved moving forward. Watch our full review and discussion of the show below:

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If you liked that video on the ups and downs of The Acolyte Episode 7 (especially visually), check out more of our videos below, including one on all the Easter eggs in the seventh episode of The Acolyte, “Choice,” one on all the Easter eggs in the sixth episode of The Acolyte, one on every theory we have about The Acolyte so far, and what they might mean for the future of Star Wars. Plus, there’s tons more over at ScreenCrush’s YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe to catch all our future episodes. New episodes of the latest Star Wars Disney+ series, Star Wars: The Acolyte premiere weekly on Disney+.

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