Rocket League disabled Voice Chat feature to release in 2022

Rocket League disabled Voice Chat feature to release in 2022

Voice chat in competitive video games is to help improve the gameplay experience by increasing communication and hence allowing players in a team to play more favorably for others and make decisions that would benefit the entire team rather than just themselves, in simple words, voice chat helps improve the teamwork aspect rather than playing as an individual, unfortunately, Rocket League voice chat was not at its peak performance.

Many players had reported lag and service disruption during matches which frustrates them as communication is essential in Rocket League unless playing a solo match. The developers themselves did not want the voice chat to disrupt or hinder the quality of play as Rocket League is fast-paced and being distracted due to the voice chat service glitching can cost players the match.

The developers had stated earlier this year that they will be bringing an improved voice chat to the game and are hard at work towards this feature and hence with patch v2.04 released on September 14, 2021, which brought 120 fps and 4k resolution support for the PlayStation 5, also removed the voice chat service in-game, in a statement by the developers they state that they are working towards improving the voice chat and will be bringing it back in early 2022.

This is all that we’ve been told regarding the voice chat that it will be improved and function better but other than that more information will be released to the players as we get closer to a release date, which hasn’t been set to an official date but is early 2022.

Until then we would suggest using voice chat services which your console provides, which could be tricky if playing cross-platform but you can also try Discord, a voice chat software which is used by many, this can be a bit uncomfortable at first as compared to the built-in voice chat but you will get used to it quickly!