Robert Saleh's wife Sanaa Saleh Age, Nationality, Instagram and Family, Religion, Ethnicity Facts

Robert Saleh's wife Sanaa Saleh Age, Nationality, Instagram and Family, Religion, Ethnicity Facts
Robert Saleh’s wife: Sanaa Saleh Age, Nationality, Instagram and Family Facts Table of Contents
Sanaa Saleh is a well-known media personality who is mostly known for her marital relationship with her husband, Robert Saleh.
Among many thousands of famous people who are well known to people for different things, Sanaa is the one who caught the attention of people as the wife of Robert Saleh.
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Sanaa Saleh


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Robert Saleh
Fordon High School Her husband, Robert, is known as a defensive guru in the football world. Since the starting of his career, he has done a lot for the football fraternity.
Sanaa Saleh Age, Height, And Weight
Let us know a little about Sanna Saleh’s height, weight, and age.
Sanaa is a taciturn person who likes to remain far away from the media and the public. Being a quiet person, she has not made her height, weight, and age public. On the contrary, her husband Robert was born on January 31, 1979, in Dearborn, Michigan, the United States, as per his wiki. Robert’s age as of 2021 is 42 years.
Despite being a player, Sanaa’s husband is yet to share his height, weight, and body measurements.
Sanaa Saleh Husband, Nationality, Family And Parents Facts 
Sanaa Saleh’s husband is Robert Saleh, known as the Defensive Coordinator of the team San Francisco 49ers. Likewise, Sanaa’s nationality is American, and the same goes for her husband, Robert.
Talking about Sanaa Saleh’s family, she has quite a big family which includes 8 members. The family consists of Sanna, her husband Robert, and their 6 children.
Sanaa and Robert got married on September 7, 2007, and are now parents to six children together. The couple’s children’s ages range from 7 months to 9 years old.
Regarding her education, Sanaa completed her high school at Frodon High School. Before marrying Robert, Sanaa used to be known as Sanaa Zainab Kaid. 
Though her ethnicity is not revealed, it’s known that Sanaa’s husband Robert’s ethnicity is Muslim. Sanaa Saleh Net Worth
Precise info about Sanaa Saleh’s net worth is yet to be known. We do not know about her profession, which makes us even more difficult to know about her net worth, salary, and yearly earnings.
However, her husband’s net worth is approximately around $ 4 million -$ 5 million, as per The Squander.
Sanaa Saleh Instagram
Sanaa is not available on Instagram and is also not on any social media platforms.
Likewise, she is also not available on Wikipedia or other informational websites.