Robert Ray Black-Daley- Tom Daley Son Age Birthday, Biological Father and Instagram

Robert Ray Black-Daley- Tom Daley Son Age Birthday, Biological Father and Instagram
Who Is Robert Ray Black-Daley? Meet Tom Daley Son On Instagram Table of Contents
Robert Ray Black-Daley is surely the lucky son of Olympic champion, Tom Haley and Oscar-winner Dustin Lance Black.
Robert Ray Black-Daley is the cute little baby of Tom Daley & Dustin Lance Black.
The gay couple got married in May 2017. After few months of marriage, the couple expressed their desire to have a child, and thus, after around a year, their wish eventually got granted. 
Let’s explore more about the child of Tokyo Olympic’s gold winner Tom Daley, Robert Ray Black-Daley.
Who Is Tom Daley Son Robert Ray Black-Daley?
Robert “Robbie” Ray Black-Daley, the first and only child of Tom Daley, gained a lot of attention even before his birth.
His parent’s brave move led him to be welcomed in the world with two amazing fathers playing the role of the little one’s both mom and dad.
The toddler Robert is named after Tom’s deceased father. Robert Ray Black-Daley Age And Birthday
In 2021, Robert Ray Black-Daley’s age is 3 years old at present.
Furthermore, Robert Ray Black-Daley’s birthday is celebrated on June 27. And, the young boy is born in the year 2018. Robert Ray Black-Daley Biological Father Explored
Among Tom and Dustin, one of them is surely Robert Ray Black-Daley’s biological father.
According to Daily Mail, both Tom and his husband Dustin donated their sperms to the surrogate mother of their child. However, they chose to veil who is actually the baby’s dad.
They preferred it to be a secret and don’t want to know the answer to the above-heated question. In fact, the couple is just happy and content with the fact that Robbie is the child of them both. 
What’s more, even Tom and Black’s family members tell them that their son Robert looks like both of them.
Meet Robert Ray Black-Daley On Instagram
Tom has uploaded his beloved son Robert Ray Black-Daley in his Instagram diary. And, the same instance goes with his hubby Black.
However, both of them made sure to reveal their child’s photo to the public.
We can clearly see that the proud parents of one are not totally prepared to show Robert’s pic to the world for now. 
Nonetheless, we can clearly notice that the little boy is growing up healthily thanks to his parents’ undeniable showering of love and care to him.