60 Straight-Up Bizarre Things That Have Near-Perfect Amazon Reviews

60 Straight-Up Bizarre Things That Have Near-Perfect Amazon Reviews


60 Straight-Up Bizarre Things That Have Near-Perfect Amazon Reviews

Highly rated, highly odd.

Written by Amanda Pellegrino

3 hours ago

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Sometimes the weirdest things catch my eye when I’m browsing Amazon, and the best way to tell if they’re just strange or strange but brilliant is by checking out their reviews and overall star rating. I can always trust a reviewer to tell me the dirty truth, so the closer to perfect the reviews, the more likely I am to buy the product. From bizarre skin care essentials to weirdly clever products you never knew you needed, here are 60 mind-boggling products that are actually legit because of their near-perfect reviews.


These hat racks to neatly & compactly store your baseball caps

These hat racks are a brilliant, convenient, and compact way to store your baseball caps neatly and in one place. They can be installed with screws or adhesive tape, and feature a vertical rod that slips into the back hole of your favorite baseball caps to hold 10 to 15 of them at once.


These banana-shaped shoe deodorizers that last up to 12 months

The banana shape of these deodorizers allow them to slip directly into each shoe (even taller boots) to neutralize odors, absorb moisture, and prevent future smells for up to 12 months. Each one is packed with dried lavender, lemon, and tea tree oil to keep everything from your sneakers and boots to your gym bag free from any sweaty, damp, musty smells.


A headband & sleep mask with built-in headphones

Whether you want to listen to music while you work out or listen to white noise while you sleep, this headband/sleep mask has Bluetooth headphones built-in to give you superior quality sound hands-free. It has a 10-hour battery life on one charge, and the material is sweat-wicking, breathable, stretchy, and machine-washable.


A giraffe-shaped toilet paper stand that looks antique

Make the most out of your bathroom’s space when you use this toilet paper holder that is simply much cooler and much more practical than an ugly bag on your floor. It’s made of sturdy cast iron, which makes it look like a fun flea market find, and it comes in half a dozen vintage-looking finishes. This holder is great for holding three rolls in your bathroom or one roll of paper towels in the kitchen.


These reusable food-shaped shopping bags that fold for compact storage

These reusable shopping bags are 14.56 inches by 20 inches when totally open, but fold into themselves to create small, compact, and portable fruit-shaped carrying cases with a wrist strap for easy storage when you’re not using them. They’re made of heavy-duty nylon and can hold up to 20 pounds each.


This beard bib to catch & clean hair while you’re shaving or trimming

Get rid of the mess of itty bitty beard hairs all over your bathroom sink when you use this slick apron while you shave or trim your facial hair. Two suction cups mount one side of the apron to your mirror, while the other side secures around your neck with an adjustable closure, which creates a vessel for your falling hair to make disposal easier than ever. Unlike other beard bibs, this one has a shelf for your shaving accessories and folds into a little pouch when you’re done.


This microwavable pouch that fully cooks potatoes in 5 minutes

Baked and mashed potatoes are absolutely delicious, but they can take up to an hour to fully cook. Reduce your cooking time and avoid turning on your oven with this potato bag. Just scrub your tubers clean, put them in this bag, run the microwave for four to six minutes, and have fully cooked, fluffy potatoes that are cooked by steam. It’s really that quick and easy, hence the 4.5-star rating on Amazon.


An electric bug racket with up to 10,000 zaps per charge

Because this electric racket has over 10,000 zaps on one charge, you can not only use it in your home, but also brig it with you while you’re camping, hiking, picnicking, and more to get rid of any bugs and mosquitos around you. It has a built-in LED light so it can be used at night, and it’s safe to the touch because of the built-in safety mesh.


This firming eye cream that’s infused with concentrated snail mucin

Packed with highly concentrated snail mucin — don’t worry, no snails are harmed in the process— this eye cream firms, brightens, and de-puffs your skin to reveal your naturally glowing complexion. It goes on smoothly, evenly, and without a greasy feeling. The brand claims you can see results after using for only a few days.


This soothing spray that turns regular toilet paper into wet wipes

Wet wipes are great for getting a thorough clean, but they can be pricey and awkward to store. This toilet paper spray solves that issue. Just spritz a few times onto your everyday toilet paper, and wipe. This spray uses soothing and cleansing ingredients, too, like witch hazel, aloe, and apricot oil, but don’t worry, it’s free of fragrances and safe to use for sewer and septic systems.


A portable table tennis set that turns any surface into a ping-pong table

With a 4.6-star rating, this professional-worthy ping pong set is a budget-friendly way to bring the party with you. It comes with two paddles that are made of five layers of crack-resistant wood, four three-star balls, and an adjustable net that can stretch to fit a table that’s 6 feet wide, turning any surface into a game-ready space. Plus, it even has a portable carrying case to store everything in one spot.


These mosquito repellent bracelets with nearly 14,000 5-star ratings

“Personally as a mosquito magnet I need more than but repellant and these bracelets offer the extra protection,” wrote one reviewer. “They go on my wrist, I tie my hair with them, you can even wear them around your ankle!” Packed with essential oils and mosquito-fighting citronella, these DEET-free bracelets are super stretchy and have a one size fits all adjustable fit — making them great for adults and kids. Each of the set of 10 are individually wrapped in an airtight resealable bag to store between uses so you can use them over and over again.


This car seat gap filler with over 51,000 5-star ratings

This best-selling car seat gap filler is made of flexible neoprene casting that expands to fit between the car seat and the center console to stop your phone, keys, food, and other traveling essentials from falling down and getting stuck. There’s a little slit that you can slip your seatbelt base through to keep the filler in place without blocking access to your seatbelt.


This best-selling bagel guillotine that protects your fingers from the blade

Nearly 19,000 people have give this bagel slicer a five-star rating. One reviewer wrote that it is “a must have for bagel lovers [...] The blade is super sharp yet very protected and is super easy to use.” Simply put the bagel inside the container at the bottom and use the super sharp blade to easily and quickly cut it in half. And with acrylic safety shields and a sturdy handle that’s far away from the blade, your hands and fingers are protected.


These solar-powered garden lights that sway in the wind like fireflies

These garden lights feature a cluster of eight solar powered bulbs on a flexible iron stem that allows them to sway in the wind to turn your garden into a wonderland full of fireflies. They’re waterproof, heat-resistant, and moisture-resistant so you don’t have to bring them inside any time there’s weather, and they’re solar powered to automatically turn on at dusk.


This best-selling tacky gel that cleans the nooks & crannies of your car

This tacky, putty-like gel conforms to the shape of any nooks and crannies — like your car’s cupholders, keyboard, drawer corners, and other hard-to-reach spots — to trap and pick up dust, crumbs, hair, and anything else that might be stuck in there. After use, just store it in the jar. It’s reusable.


This wearable reading light with 6 brightness levels & 3 color temperatures

This wearable reading light has two bendable arms that allow you to deliver targeted light so you can read in bed without disturbing anyone else. It has six brightness levels and three color temperatures — amber, mild, and natural — that you can adjust depending on the time of day you’re using it.


These colorful fidget slugs that one reviewer called “soooo satisfying”

If you like to fidget to decompress, these slug-shaped fidgets are a great addition to your bin of toys. They feature colorful, flexible pieces that make a satisfying clack when bumped together. These pieces are super compact, too. One reviewer wrote, “Soooo satisfying! I thought it was a little small at first, but then realized that it was the perfect size just to hold in your hand and fidget with. Super cute as well.” And they’re not alone; these slugs have a 4.8-star rating on Amazon.


These convenient dip clips that mount to your car’s air vent

These dip clips make snacking on the go cleaner and more convenient than ever. They have a universal mount that attaches to your car’s air vent and offers 16 different angles to easily dip. They fit all kinds of sauce packets—from small square ones to large rectangular ones, and you can pour anything that doesn’t fit directly into the built-in ramekin.


These stretchy shower gloves that deeply exfoliate your body

Instead of relying on a grimy loofah, wear a pair of these exfoliating gloves while you wash your body for a deeper, more exfoliating clean. Each pair is made with stretchy nylon that’s textured to deeply buff away dead, dry skin as well as any dirt and grime, leaving your skin super smooth and clean.


A set of reusable wool dryer balls that lessen drying time

Made with 100% natural wool, these dryer balls bounce around the dryer to separate your clothes, increase warm air circulation, reduce wrinkles, and prevent static to make drying your clothes way faster. They’re reusable, lasting over 1,000 loads, so they can replace dryer sheets and make for a more eco-friendly clean.


This airtight infuser water bottle with time markers

This 32-ounce water bottle has a full-length infuser built in, so all you have to do is add your favorite fruits, herbs, or loose tea leaves to create a refreshing, hydrating, and delicious drink. It has a flip-top lid with a thumb push button to use one handed with an airtight seal to prevent spilling and a matching insulated sleeve to keep your beverage cold. And it has timer markings on the side so you can stay on-track with your hydration all day long.


This compact 12-in-1 tool with a 4.7-star rating

Why have a bulky toolbox when you can have a bunch of tools in one? This multitool has 12 different features, including a hammer, wire cutter, Phillips screwdriver, and other commonly needed tools. It comes with a carrying case, too, which means this 5.5-inch piece is great for on-the-go jobs.


A stainless steel tongue scraper with 74,000 5-star ratings

Say goodbye to bad breath and an unwanted grimy tongue by adding this tongue scraper to your oral health routine. It’s made of stainless steel, so it’s long-lasting, rust-proof, and easy to clean itself, unlike tongue scrapers with plastic or bristles. Reviewers love this scraper, especially because it’s so cheap, which is why it has over 74,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


This tulip-shaped tea infuser that’s heat-resistant & dishwasher safe

Why settle for a boring stainless steel filter when you can use this adorable yellow flower-shaped infuser instead. Just add your favorite loose leaves and herbs to the bulb, steep it into your hot water, and create a customized and delicious brew that’s as dark as you’d like. Plus, the stem is long enough that you’re fingers won’t get wet when you remove the infuser.


This nonslip bathtub mat with a porous loofah-like texture

This nonslip bathtub mat has a porous, loofah-like texture that helps to scrub your feet while still being soft enough to stand on. It allows water to seep through to effortlessly drain so it doesn’t back up or clog while you’re in the bath or shower. Even the super secure, nonslip bottom has holes in it for that reason. Plus, after you shower all you have to do is rinse it off, and it’s super quick drying to be clean and ready for next time.


This sleek milk frother that works with the touch of 1 button

Create your favorite cafe-quality morning latte at home with the help of this milk frother, which has 13,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. It works simply by you pressing a button; the mini whisk then whips up a lovely froth in just about 15 seconds. When you’re done, this frother comes with a little stand that looks so luxurious by your coffee maker.


A magnetic screen door that’s super easy to install

The thing that sets this screen door apart is the magnetic center opening that you can easily push through when you want to go outside, but that automatically closes behind you to keep bugs out. It fits doors up to 38 inches wide and 82 inches tall, and is easily installed with hook and loop tape and push pins. “It's been 7 months since I got this and I'm still thrilled with it,” wrote one fan. “It has taken so much abuse, between the hot midwest sun to the sub-freezing temps and three German Shepherds racing through it multiple times a day. [...] It's such a practical alternative to a sliding screen door.”


These prism glasses that help you lie down & read at the same time

These prism glasses feature an HD optical glass mirror lens and a super thick frame that gives you 90-degree vision, allowing you to lie down on your back and read your book or watch TV without contorting your body into uncomfortable positions. The glasses are super lightweight and can even be worn over normal prescription glasses.


This adorable smiling planter that self-drains

Give your plant babies a fun and happy spot to live when you swap out your ordinary planter for this adorable smiling one. Not only does it have a tiny face on it, but it also has little arms and legs, making it a delightful addition to your bookshelf or table. It has a removable self-draining plug that allows you to control the water floor depending on whether the planter is indoors or outdoors.


A stainless steel electric s’mores maker with over 12,000 5-star ratings

This best-selling stainless steel electric s’mores maker allows you to have all the fun of an outdoor campfire from the comfort of the inside of your home. “We ordered this s'mores maker for family night and it was a big hit,” one reviewer wrote. “It heats up very quickly and does an amazing job at cooking the marshmallow.” It has a four-compartment tray around the perimeter of the electric fire to store your marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate and more, and the set comes with two stainless steel forks.


This super soft pet bed with a donut shape that’s calming & stress-reducing

This pet bed has a raised rim and a donut shape that gives your furry friend a secure spot to curl up and rest in while also helping to reduce stress, anxiety, and tension. It can comfortably fit pets up to 15 pounds and offers head and neck support to make sure they’re extra comfy all day long. Plus it has a nonslip bottom for added stability.


This collapsible car trash can that’s waterproof

Get your car in order and keep messes from accumulating when you have this car trash can. It has an adjustable strap that mounts to the headrest, console, or door handle to keep it easily accessible and secure while you’re driving. It’s waterproof, has reinforced lining to make sure nothing leaks, and comes with disposable trash bags to get you started.


These 2-sided shoe cleaners that will make your pairs look brand new

Maintain your shoes with these sneaker cleaners. Each sponge in this three-pack has two sides; one side that buffs away dirt, scuff marks, and other grime and another one that cleans away everything else. They’re soaked with cleaner already but only need a little water to work. Each sponge is reusable, too, and naturally disintegrates with use.


This completely waterproof bag that’s clear so you can see where your things are

Whether you’re hiking, camping, fishing, boating, or just going to the beach, this dry bag is a great — and cheap — investment to keep your valuables clean and dry. It’s made of puncture-resistant PVC fabric that’s see through so you can easily find what you’re looking for, and totally waterproof with an airtight seal so nothing gets in or out.


A light projector & noise machine that works with a remote control

This projector and sound machine duo has 10 colors, 20 galaxy-inspired lighting effects, and 15 soothing white noise sounds all in one portable contraption. It automatically shuts off after eight hours, but it can also be set to two-, four-, and six-hour timers to customize it to your needs. And the projector has two adjustable angles to fit perfectly inside your home.


This adorable car air freshener that clips right onto your air vent

Freshen up your car with little-to-no effort with the help of this air freshener. Yes, it looks like a little balloon animal, but it’s actually a mint-scented, oil-based friend that will last for 45 days. At less than $5, that’s a total bargain. This air freshener also comes in the shape of a stick figure and a variety of scents like black velvet, new car, and vanilla.


This set of metal taco holders with convenient carrying handles

With a 4.7-star rating, reviewers are obsessed with these taco holders, which keep your fillings in the tortilla where they belong. Each holder in the set of six has deep, V-shaped indents that can keep two or three tacos from falling over and losing all the delicious stuffing. Made of stainless steel, they are heat resistant and can be used in the oven or grill.


A magnetic lint collection bin that comes with a cleaning brush

This metal bin can magnetically adhere to the side of most dryers to remind you to clean out the lint drawer and collect anything you find. It also comes with a long and narrow brush that can be used to easily remove lint that might be collected around or behind the dryer to make sure you’re doing your laundry safely.


This cool mist humidifier that works up to 24 hours at a time

This fan-favorite humidifier — it has nearly 10,000 five-star reviews — has a 2.5-liter tank that offers a cooling mist that lasts up to 24 hours. The specialty nozzle sprays 360 degrees around to keep an entire room cool and fresh to help you nap or sleep more soundly. It even has a control dial that lets you set the humidity level in the room as well as a function that automatically turns it off when the water level gets too low.


A cordless heating pad that stays warm up to 20 minutes

This neck wrap can be warmed in the microwave and used as a heating pad or chilled in the freezer and used as a cold wrap — either way, it keeps its temperature for up to 20 minutes. It’s filled with lavender and clay beads for a soothing scent to help calm you down. Plus, it’s slightly weighted — just 3 pounds — which can help to reduce tension and stress.


A convenient tofu press with a built-in drainer

With nearly 3,000 five-star ratings, this clever press makes having firm tofu easier than ever. Simply place your block of tofu in the clear base, put on the top, choose your pressure level — strong for super firm tofu, or light to just gently drain — and the stainless steel spring slowly works its magic for perfectly pressed tofu in minutes — no more balancing plates on plates. Plus, there’s a built-in drainer that keeps the block elevated and makes getting excess water out easy.


This doggy water bottle & bowl that’s leakproof

Your dog should be just as hydrated as you are, and this portable water bottle and bowl can help with that on long walks. It has a 19-ounce container to hold water, and with the press of a button, the attached bowl fills up for easier drinking. Once your pup is done drinking, the same button returns the water to the leakproof bottle, so you can toss it back in your bag and be on your way.


This corn stripper that works with a simple motion

There’s no need to balance your corn on the cob over a bowl and awkwardly use a knife to remove the kernels; just use this simple corn stripper instead. It looks like a little hunk of corn, which is just adorable, and has stainless steel blades on the inside to effectively strip your cobs with a simple twist motion.


These silicone covers that stretch to fit over large bottles

This set of eight bottle covers are made of super high-quality silicone that stretches to fit over large, small, and irregularly shaped bottles — from toothpaste to shampoo to body wash — so you can travel without worrying about spills or messes. And they’re reusable and go back to their original shape after each use.


This rechargeable fabric shaver with 3 depth settings

This rechargeable fabric shaver features three depth savings to remove fuzz, pilling, lint, and other snags from your sweaters or furniture for a more polished, good-as-new look. It has a super sharp blade covered in a honeycomb mesh design that protects your fingers without sacrificing durability. And it has a large lint catcher inside that can be detached for easy disposal.


A battery-powered water flosser with 15 different settings

Give your teeth and gums a professional-level clean for a budget-friendly price with this water flosser. It has five pressure intensity options, three cleaning modes, a tongue scraper nozzle, and an automatic 60-second timer to make sure you’re cleaning out every nook and cranny in your mouth. The set comes with six replaceable heads, and the flossing device has up to a 40-day battery life on a single charge.


A huge beach blanket with pegs to secure the corner from blowing in the wind

This beach blanket is huge and can accommodate up to seven adults. Beyond that, it has two ways to secure the corners from blowing around in the wind. If you’re taking it to the beach, the corners feature little pockets you can fill with sand to keep it secure. And if you’re picnicking on the grass, there are four stakes you can insert into the corner holes. Plus, it’s super lightweight and folds into the included travel bag for easy transport.


A compact, collapsible cutting board & colander duo that’s idel for campers

If you love cooking outside, this collapsible colander and cutting board duo will be a game-changer. It has a colander for cleaning veggies, a cutting board on top for prepping your food, and a variety of knives and blades that attach under the board for easy storage and to save you from packing your kitchen utensils. One reviewer wrote, “Takes up little space and easy to pack. Used this item during a recent camping trip. Knifes were sharp and easy to handle. Simple to clean and very versatile.”


This Bluetooth karaoke microphone with bestseller status

This microphone connects via Bluetooth or a cable to your phone or another device to play background music and show you the lyrics to your go-to karaoke songs. The microphone has superior 360-degree surround sound to give you super clear and layered audio. You can also control the volume of the music and the mic, as well as a ton of other adjustments, directly from the microphone itself.


This bidet toilet attachment with a self-cleaning nozzle

Get all the benefits of a bidet without any plumbers when you have this easy-to-install toilet attachment. It has an ultra slim profile that won’t get in the way of the toilet seat and a self-cleaning nozzle that retracts to hide in the bowl when not in use. It uses water pressure to power, so it doesn’t require batteries or a plug-in, and it has a controller conveniently located to the side of the toilet.


This pet carrying sling with a clasp for their collar to keep in safely

This sling — great for dogs and cats that are under 12 pounds — allows you to carry around your small furry friends while keeping your hands available and accessible at all times. It has a reversible design so you can match the sling to your outfit and a built-in clasp that secures to your pet’s collar to keep them from jumping out. Plus, it’s super breathable and cozy so you and your pet are comfortable.


This chipping practice net that collapses for storage between games

If you want to practice your golf game in the comfort of your own backyard, check out this chipping net. With three targets organized into a pyramid design, you can practice your lob shots, pitch shots, and flop shots, and all your balls are collected in the built-in nets to make clean up easy. Plus, it super compact and folds to store so it’s easy to take with you to the park or even the beach — hence the 4.7-star rating.


This suitcase attachment that can hold 2 drinks & your phone

With two cupholders and a pocket that’s perfect for your passport or phone, this clever attachment slips right onto your suitcases’s handle to make navigating through airports and train stations way easier. It’s made of canvas and elastic with Velcro closures, and the whole thing folds super compact so you can store it in your carry on once you get on the plane.


This powerful gel that removes calluses in under 5 minutes

Bring spa-quality foot care home when you use this powerful callus remover. After you soak your feet in warm water, this gel removes calluses in three to seven minutes while also soothing chapped and cracked heels for smoother, softer feet. This gel is a bestseller on Amazon with over 36,000 five-star reviews.


These best-selling bike wheel lights that come in a dozen colors

Not only do these super popular bike lights look cool when installed on your wheels, but they also make sure you’re visible to drivers while you’re riding at night. They fit all standard wheel sizes, have a battery life of over 40 hours, are waterproof, and are super easy to install in just minutes. Plus they come in a bunch of exciting colors.


This handy splatter screen that’s made of extra fine stainless steel mesh

With this splatter screen you can cook bacon or fry chicken while protecting yourself — and your countertop and backsplash — from greasy burns and messes. The splatter guard is made of super fine stainless steel mesh that allows steam to be released while keeping any splattering grease inside. It’s dishwasher-safe, heat-resistant, rust-resistant, and has resting feet to keep grease off your counters while you’re cooking.


A cushiony bath pillow that supports your neck and back while you relax

With six extra strong suction cups, this bath pillow mounts to the end of your tub to support your back, neck, and head while you relax. It has a 3D quilted fabric that’s breathable and airy so you don’t overheat in the bath, and all you need to do is hang it and it dries super quickly.


This ergonomic hairbrush with 60,000 5-star ratings

This hairbrush may look a little funky, but that shape is actually easy to hold. The handle isn’t the only ergonomic thing about this brush; the bristles are also spread out in an easy-to-maneuver shape, and those same bristles are flexible enough to glide through your hair. That means they gently untangle instead of pulling and tearing, which reduces breakage and frizz.


This collapsible basin with a 2.4 gallon, self-draining sink pan

Great for camping, gardening, and more this basin is a great replacement for a kitchen or bathroom sink when you’re on the go. The 2.4 gallon-basin has a removable drain, legs to securely stand, and collapses to be just 2.75 inches tall when not in use. That makes it great for washing dishes in nature, rinsing off veggies in your garden, or making a makeshift water table for your kids.

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