PS4 Error Code NP- 34954-5: How to Fix It?

PS4 Error Code NP- 34954-5: How to Fix It?

The PlayStation has been one of the most popular video game brands in existence for quite some time. The platform is competing with other leading gaming platforms like Xbox and Nintendo. It has been delivering a very immersive gaming experience to its players from the very beginning. But players who enjoy playing their favorite games on the PlayStation consoles are also faced with numerous errors. One such error has surfaced on the internet recently, and a lot of players are seeking solutions to solve this issue. It is the Error Code NP- 34954-5 we are talking about, which is mostly faced by owners of PS4 consoles.

Players see this error code whenever they try to connect their consoles to the PlayStation Network, or PSN, which is the initial step to opening a game. This error code signifies that the console is having some sort of trouble establishing a proper connection with the PSN. This most often occurs when the network configuration in the console’s settings is not right. It might also occur if there is some kind of issue with the PSN servers. A lot of players are currently facing this issue, which is stopping them from playing their favorite games on their PS4 consoles. If you belong to that group, you are in the right place. Read along to learn more about how to solve this error.

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PS4 Error Code NP- 34954-5: How to Fix It?

PS4 Error Code NP- 34954-5: How to fix itPS4 Error Code NP- 34954-5: How to fix it

There haven’t been any official announcements regarding a fix for this issue. But a lot of players belonging to the PlayStation community have come up with a ton of workarounds to help fellow members of the community who are facing this error. The good thing is, some of these fixes work as per the reports made by fans on multiple platforms. However, before going through the workarounds, you should note that the issue has been reported to get fixed automatically after a while. But if it still exists on your system, try the following workarounds:

Reconfigure your PS4 DNS Settings:

  • Go to Settings on the PS4 and choose the “Set Up Internet Connection” option from the Network section. Following the previous step, choose the kind of connection you are currently using.

  • Choose the option ‘Custom’ when asked to select the IP Address setting. Next up, choose the option “Do not Specify” under the DHCP Host Name heading.

  • Make sure to select the Manual option under the DNS Settings.

  • Complete the configuration process by setting your Primary DNS to and your Secondary DNS to and proceed to close your settings. Alternatively, you can use as your Primary DNS and as the Secondary. Try both, and check which fixes the issue.

  • Restart to make the changes take effect

Restart your Internet Source:

Try disconnecting or turning off your internet source, which might be a modem or a router. Proceed to reconnect the source to your console, restart the network device, and try connecting again. This will make sure that the internet connection is re-established properly. This step has an increased chance of solving most of the network-related errors. If the issue persists, consider connecting to a different network source, or using mobile data.

Check PSN Server Status:

Most of the time, network issues on PS4 mainly occur when there is maintenance going on for the PSN servers. If the PSN servers are down, players will be met with error codes. Thus, it is advised to check the PS Network Server Status page to get more details on the same. If the servers are indeed down, try connecting after a while.

Sign out from your console:

For this method, all you need to do is head to the Settings menu of your PS4 and select the Account Management option. Now, select Sign Out. After signing out, enter the correct credentials to sign back in, and the issue should be fixed.

Deactive all accounts:

Head over to the PlayStation website and sign into your PS account. Under Device Management, deactivate all the consoles that are active in your account. You must also change the password. Your account will be signed out of your console now. After this, proceed to sign in again with the new password. Finish the step by activating your console under Account Settings.

Restart your PS4 Console:

This is a generic solution to almost every common problem related to PS4 and is worth trying. Sign out of the PlayStation Network and restart your console. Proceed to sign in again.

Contact PlayStation support:

If none of the workarounds above work for you, try contacting PlayStation Support to address the issue you are facing. They will provide you with more details on the matter.

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Errors are quite common in gaming, especially on a platform like PlayStation, which has a large player base, and thus, errors and issues need to be fixed immediately. In the absence of an official acknowledgment to fix the issue, try out every workaround mentioned above, or just wait this out till an official fix is announced. We hope you find this guide informative. For more such guides, make sure to visit DigiStatement daily.