Poppy Playtime Age Rating details

Poppy Playtime Age Rating details

Poppy Playtime is a unique first-person horror adventure game. Likewise, there are many elements in the game that are purposefully designed to creep players out. With any game release that is in the horror genre, adults, as well as parents, are always concerned about age restrictive content. This article is regarding Poppy Playtime Age Rating details

An overview of the popularity of Poppy Playtime and why there is a concern regarding its age restrictionPoppy Playtime

The game is a popular as well as a successful release for an indie developer studio such as MOB Games. Likewise, Poppy Playtime has become a very popular game particularly among streamers as well as YouTubers. This has led to the game’s increase in popularity among general gamers as well as kids. The fact that many kids are attracted to the game has become the main concern regarding age restriction ratings. The unassuming title of the game as well as the genre that the game features can be confusing. Additionally, there are many copycats of the game that can be outright problematic for children to play.

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Poppy Playtime Age Rating detailsPoppy Playtime

Any horror games that use elements that are terrifying, as well as design-wise scary, usually have age restrictions. However, Poppy Playtime is a horror game with an exception. It is an indie horror game that uses elements that are creepy but not overly grotesque. Therefore, there is no official age restriction for Poppy Playtime. This is understandable when you consider the main elements that lead to age restrictions.

Horror games that feature elements such as blood, gore, violence as well as grotesque deaths are usually the ones that get age restrictions. These are elements that are not part of Poppy Playtime. However, it is worth noting that although there is no age restriction for Poppy Playtime, the game is suitable for players above the age of 8 and up according to Zach Belanger, chief executive officer of Enchanted Mob/Mob Games. Additionally, the CEO has stated the following regarding the game, “There are just these big, evil, scary toys. It’s not gruesome, it’s not gory, it’s not nightmare fuel.

Well, Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 is currently available exclusively on Windows PC. The episodic sequel, Chapter 2 of Poppy Playtime is coming out in early 2022.

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