Panicore Fatal Error Issue: How to fix it?

Panicore Fatal Error Issue: How to fix it?

Whenever the developers release a patch update for their game, players expect that it’ll solve the issues within the game and offer a better playing experience. When ZTEK Studio released the 1.0.10 patch update for Panicore, the expectations were similar. However, unfortunately for the players, the reality was quite different. A large number of players have experienced certain issues with this new update of Panicore. In fact, these issues and errors have restricted them from playing the game at all. If you enjoy playing Panicore, then we understand how frustrating these issues can be. Especially when these issues occur after an update, players seem to grow quite impatient. This is why we’re here to help. Continue reading this guide if you want to find out how you can fix the Panicore Fatal Error and start enjoying the game again.

ZTEK Studio rolled out a patch update 1.0.10 for Panicore on June 9th. Originally, this update was supposed to fix a few bugs in the game. A lot of players reported getting killed through the doors in the game. This patch update is intended to fix that, along with a few other minor issues. However, the solution soon changed into a problem itself. Installing the new update made players face the Fatal Error in Panicore, and that was a cause for worry. Well, since you are reading this, chances are that you have encountered the same. So, here’s how you can fix the problem.

Panicore Fatal Error Issue: How to fix it?

Panicore Fatal Error

Ever since Panicore’s full version came out on May 31, the game has faced different errors that troubled the players. However, these things aren’t really anything extraordinary. Errors and crashes are part and parcel of the gaming world. However, when an update leads to mass crashes, that becomes an extra headache for the developers. Such was the issue with the patch update 1.0.10 of Panicore. Mass crashes, Fatal Errors, and whatnot – the update really messed up the game. On the game’s Steam Discussion forum, multiple players have voiced their dissatisfaction over this problem. For instance, Steam user LuxlPe posted that the new update caused a Fatal Error not only for them but also for their friend. Like every other user, they were also trying to find a fix.

Luckily for Panicore players, this issue was promptly noted by the developer team. What’s even better is that they acted in no time. On the same Steam Discussion post, we can find the fix to this issue. Jotaro, a developer account for Panicore, explained that the developers have rolled back the update to 1.0.9 again. Players can restart Steam and launch the game again and this should fix the problem for them. If it doesn’t fix the issue, consider reinstalling, as this should fix the issue for good.

Furthermore, the developers are now inviting the players to play the Public Beta version of the game. This version includes all the additions and fixes from patch update 1.0.10. You’re also getting a better AI version and potential voice chat fixes in the game, which is amazing.

So technically, you can fix the issue just by rolling back the update. Hopefully, this guide was helpful in answering your query. If you enjoyed reading this guide and want to read more such gaming content, keep visiting DigiStatement!