Palworld signs deal with Sony, new business forms to bolster popular game

Palworld signs deal with Sony, new business forms to bolster popular game

The developer behind Palworld and Sony have joined forces to form a new business called Palworld Entertainment to expand on the success of the game.

The Japanese-based Pocketpair saw its game being a breakout hit with the number of players surpassing 25 million after only one month in release. Now, they’re hoping to replicate success with the new partnership.

Sony Music Entertainment, Aniplex Inc, and Pocketpair will be developing “new businesses associated with the hit game,” the trio wrote in a press release.

This will include merchandise and music, amongst other non-video game products.

The new business is headed up by the Pocketpair CEO Takuro Mizobe. The joint venture will be “responsible for developing the reach of the intellectual property and for expanding commercial business endeavors, including the global licensing and merchandising activities associated with “Palworld,” outside of the interactive game.”

The business will focus initially on the development of exclusive merchandise based on the game which will debut on Friday (July 12) during the Bilbili World 2024 event.

How successful has Palworld been?

Palworld is a multiplayer open-world survival game that is currently available on PC, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and through Xbox Game Pass. It has been dubbed ‘Pokemon with guns.’

It includes a blend of elements like battle, monster-capturing, training, and base building. Players of the game are able to wield a range of weapons, including bows and spears to modern rifles and rocket launchers. The gameplay also involves locating Pals who can become powerful allies in combat.

The survival game was released on 19 January 2024 and it quickly became the biggest third-party Game Pass launch of all time after 15 million copies were sold on Steam alone.

Two months later, in March, the CEO said the game cost less than ¥1 billion ($6.7 million) to make and had made tens of billions of yen in profit.

Now, with the backing of the giant Sony, the possibilities are endless for the small Japanese developer.

Featured Image: Via Xbox on X