Online Dating Guide for Lesbians

Considering how the LGBTQ+ community keeps fighting daily for their rights and freedom, many things in this regard have changed in the last decade. It is no longer taboo for a woman to love another woman, build same-sex relationships, and marry whoever they want. Does this mean that LGBTQ+ representatives started to feel more confident expressing themselves in today’s world? Yes. But does this mean that seeking love for them became any easier? The question is rather controversial.

Many bi and gay individuals find it hard to approach someone they like because the fear of rejection and judgment still exists. However, the solution was found here, too. You will be amazed to discover that most LGBTQ+ representatives prefer seeking dates online rather than trying their luck in real life. The reason for that is pretty simple – when dating on the Web, your confidence doubles. Approximately every third lesbian uses specialized sites for dating purposes because it’s much easier to meet someone compatible when being among like-minded people.

But even if online dating is so popular and effective, how do you choose a good platform? How do you approach someone there, and what to expect out of it?

Discovering Lesbian Dating Platforms That Work

The first issue you will face as a lesbian who starts her online dating journey is choosing a dating site that can guarantee success. Given the fact that, so far, roughly 8,000 matchmaking platforms exist on the Web, finding the one seems almost impossible. However, with a basic knowledge of how things work in this regard, even a newbie can differentiate a first-class site from scam.

But you must decide on the target first, as all dating platforms fall into two main categories – traditional and casual. Traditional dating sites are designed for people who want to find love and lasting relationships. On the other hand, casual sites gather those who seek no-strings fun like hookups and one-night stands. Thus, if your request is “How can I find lesbian sex near me,” the best bet would be to focus on the second category.

How do you know that the given lesbian platform is reliable and secure enough? There are three main aspects to consider.

  1. The first thing to keep in mind is that if a dating site doesn’t require registration, chances are trying it would be a total waste of time. For the most part, registration means little to no scams, fakes, and random people who are not serious enough about the whole thing.

  2. Second, when creating an account, consider whether the site requires your location. If it does, it means this given platform operates worldwide, giving you more chances of finding compatible lesbians no matter where you live.

  3. And last, the option for upgrading your account is a must-have. It might sound controversial at first, but it only means that the site is successful enough to offer its users additional features for better results. A successful platform means a huge community, which, in its turn, means more lesbians to meet.

Keeping these three aspects in mind when choosing a dating website (even being a newbie) reduces the chances of missing drastically.

How to Determine a Good Hookup Match

When your account is set, and you are ready to explore the local lesbian community, it can be hard at first to understand whether the girl you are talking to is a good match. Given that thousands of users hang out on lesbian platforms daily, you may feel overwhelmed. Listening to your gut is undeniably important, but there are also a few main signs exist that can tell you straight away whether you should keep talking to this girl.

  • She has photos

If a woman you are chatting with has no photos on her dating profile, it means either she is trying to hide something or is self-conscious. When it comes to casual dating, some people prefer to keep their persona private, which, of course, can be understood. But if you want to ensure your future hookup partner is genuine, better stick to girls with photos.

  • She doesn’t seem to hide anything

If the girl willingly shares basic information about herself, which is enough for you to understand she is genuine and can be trusted, this is a green flag. 

  • She responds quickly

If she doesn’t make you wait for her responses for hours, it means she is interested in you, and she most likely prioritizes you over other girls, too. 

  • She asks questions

Even if you meet only for a one-night stand, getting to know the other person at least a little bit is important. So if she asks safe questions about your hobbies, lifestyle, and preferences, it means she is interested in a hookup with you.

  • She doesn’t force you to anything

Being too pushy looks suspicious. So if she doesn’t force you to do anything – send photos, share information you don’t want to, or meet as soon as possible – she can be a good match for a safe hookup.

Red Flags You Should Never Ignore

Aside from the main signs of being a good match for you, a few red flags exist that should never be ignored, mainly for safety reasons. Each case is unique and requires your personal opinion, but some common similarities do exist that scream – this person cannot be trusted. 

  • She asks for financial support

No person with a real problem that needs money to solve will go to a dating site hoping to find someone who can help. If she asks you to send her money, no matter the reason, this is a fraud.

  • She acts too masculine or too feminine

Acting too masculine or feminine, childish even, could mean that whoever is behind the account could be dangerous. In both cases, it could be a man trying to fool you or someone playing games. Either way, it’s better to avoid such users.

  • She wants to meet you as soon as possible or delays the meeting

The first case could mean she’s either up to no good or too eager to have sex, no matter with whom. The second one means that, most likely, she is trying to hide something. Or she is too shy. No matter the case, it is not worth wasting your time.

You must understand that not a single dating site on the Web is completely safe from malicious users, just like any other platform existing today. However, being cautious enough and having common sense is enough to avoid harmful situations.

Online dating has become one of the most convenient and safest ways of seeking casual dates for LGBTQ+ representatives. Keeping in mind the advice you discovered today, you are bound to succeed.