‘One Piece’ Chapter 976 Spoilers: Jinbei's Reappearance; Raid Of Onigashima; Momo's Leadership

‘One Piece’ Chapter 976 Spoilers: Jinbei's Reappearance; Raid Of Onigashima; Momo's Leadership


  • "One Piece" has a one-week hiatus, and the next chapter is scheduled to drop on Apr. 05
  • The upcoming chapter of "One Piece" might reveal Momo stepping up in his role as the leader of the Scabbards
  • "One Piece" Chapter 976 might show the arrival of Jinbei

Fans of the popular Manga “One Piece” are excited for Chapter 976 since it went on a one-week hiatus. The fandom witnessed how Kinemon’s failed judgment saved the alliance while it unveiled the real face of Kyoshiro. “One Piece” Chapter 976 will reveal the continuation of the Straw Hats Alliance’s journey to Onigashima and might also show the reappearance of Jinbei.

One Piece” Chapter 976: Momo’s Leadership Tested

With the faces of undercover traitors coming to light, the Star Hats Alliance might face more opposition. “One Piece” fan and Reddit user Dolmande believes that there is a chance that the Scabbards might convince Kanjuro to jump ship. In the previous “One Piece” chapter, fans saw how Kanjuro dedicated his whole life to the service of Orochi and would even offer his life to achieve his mission’s purpose.

Convincing Kanjuro to change allegiance could be a challenging job for the Scabbards. But, it might also a way for Momo’s leadership to be tested. Will Oden’s heir live up to his title and lead the Scabbards despite his young age? If this will not happen, the Reddit user predicts that Hiyori might do something to free his brother from his captor.

One Piece “One Piece” Chapter 969 might show fans the fight between Oden and Kaido and might give a glimpse of what Roger and Whitebeard talked about more than a couple of decades ago. Photo: Bandai Namco/YouTube Screenshots

One Piece” Chapter 976: Jinbei’s Much-Awaited Return

Since the start of the Land of Wano Arc, “One Piece” fans have been talking about the return of Jinbei. It can be recalled that the former Shichibukai and the tallest member of the Straw Hats crew were last seen in combat during the Whole Cake Island arc. The upcoming episode would be more interesting if the master of Fish-Man karate reappear and fight alongside his crew.

One Piece” Chapter 976: Raid Of Onigashima

The Straw Hats Alliance is now more powerful than ever with the arrival of Denjiro and his party. But, the raid will not go smoothly, considering that Yonkos Kaido and Big Mom would spearhead it. Although Luffy has become stronger, there is a great chance that he might not be able to take out any of the emperors without help from others.

“One Piece” Chapter 976 will be released on Apr. 05, 2020.