Nordahl Lelandais Parents Age And Wikipedia- Is He Homosexual?

Nordahl Lelandais Parents Age And Wikipedia- Is He Homosexual?
Nordahl Lelandais Case Update: Is He Still In Jail? Who are Nordahl Lelandais parents? Learn about the alleged murderer age.
Nordahl Lelandais has been arrested and jailed for the murder of the then 8 years old Maëlys de Araujo, and 23-years-old Corporal, Arthur Noyer. 
Nordahl Lelandais Parents 
Nordahl Lelandais age 38 lived with his parents. 
The names of his parents are Jean-Pierre and Christiane Lelandias.
He also has a brother and a sister. 
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Is Nordahl Lelandais Homosexual?
Nordahl Lelandais is suspected to be homosexual or rather bisexual.
It is revealed that he had hidden this fact from his family and relatives and would often visit gay pornographic sites. 
This is directly liked to the murder of 23-year-old, Arthur who might have been killed because he refused his advances.
Furthermore, it is suspected that he also has pedophilic tendencies as he had allegedly raped Maëlys, age 9 before killing her and had assaulted his 6-year-old cousin, 4 years old daughter of a close friend, and a 14-year-old cousin. 
Nordahl Lelandais: Arthur Noyer’s murder
He was liked to the case of the disappearance of little Maëlys de Araujo.
Nordahl Lelandais was also linked to the murder of Arthur Noyer.
On April 11, 2017, Corporal Arthur was last seen in a nightclub in Chambéry city, where sightings of Nordahl have been confirmed. 
Another person, came forward to say that he was approached by the alleged murderer several times but he had refused him.
New eyewitnesses claim that Nordahl had even followed him to his car but he refused, no violence had taken place.
At that time, the young Corporal, Arthur had exited the place visibly inebriated and that the last anyone saw of him. 
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Initially, Nordahl had denied any part in the disappearance of the then, 23 years old Corporal, saying he had just given him a lift. 
But on 29 March 2018, he did admit to the killing of the young man. 
It is suspected that the alleged murderer had asked Arthur for sexual favors which he had refused, hence, a brawl between them had broken out, resulting in Arthur’s death. 
Parents of Maelys urge that each of them should have a trial especially dedicated. 
Nordahl Lelandais will be appearing on Assize Court for trial for Arthur Noyer’s murder from May 3 to 12.