Mindy Jennings- Ken Jennings Wife Age, Net Worth And Children

Mindy Jennings- Ken Jennings Wife Age, Net Worth And Children
Mindy Jennings: Meet Jeopardy Host Ken Jennings Wife Mindy Jennings is the wife of one of the most famous American game show contestants, Ken Jennings. The Jeopardy! star is the highest-earning game-show contestant in the world who has made millions. 
After the death of the legendary Alex Trebek, Jeopardy! is left with no host. Guess who has stepped up as the host? Yes, their greatest contestant of all time, Ken Jennings. Ken has the record streak of 74 consecutive wins in the show. 
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Brigham University Behind every successful man, there’s a woman. And in this case, his wife, Mindy Jennings is an important part of his success. The primary school teacher used to prep him for the show and prepared him for the best. 
Here are a few facts to know about Jeopardy! host’s wife, Mindy Jennings.  Here we go.
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Mindy Jennings is the wife of the famous American game show host and consultant, Ken Jennings. 
Mindy and Ken have been together from a very young age. They met for the first time at Brigham University. 
Afterward, the couple tied the marital knots in 2020, and unsurprisingly, they are still together. 
Moreover, they also share two children with each other. Mindy Jennings’s son, Dylan is 19, and her daughter, Caitlin is 15. 
However, Mindy Jennings’s age remains under review for now. It will be updated soon. 
Mindy Jennings’s husband is the highest-earning game show contestant. He has a net worth of around $4 Million, as per Celebrity Net Worth. 
Ken Jennings has won prize money worth $4.8 million in Jeopardy! in six months. 
Moving on, Mindy is not present on Instagram. Unlike her husband, she remains off the spotlight. 
Hence, the information about her parents and the first family is unknown.
Even though she doesn’t have her own Wikipedia page, Mindy Jennings has a mention on Ken’s Wikipedia bio.