Lethal Company Version 56 Update Release Date: When it will be available

Lethal Company Version 56 Update Release Date: When it will be available

How is your in-game journey going in the early access version of Lethal Company? Certainly, you might be enjoying this game with your friends. While we still don’t have a fixed release date for the full 1.0 version of the game, the developer has been working to deliver updates and game changes regularly. Almost a month ago, they teased us with the Version 55 Update, and it has officially been released. With its release, many serious players are already wondering about the release date for the next update, Version 56 update! So, is there any information on this? Well, keep reading till the end to find out.

This latest update for Lethal Company, Version 55, was initially available in the public beta branch and many had already played through the updates. Also, based on the trend followed by Zeekers, it seems quite likely that the upcoming update for Lethal Company won’t be labeled Version 56, as the game’s versioning history doesn’t follow a serial pattern. Instead, updates are typically numbered in a seemingly random sequence, often in multiples of 5. So, what’s the matter with update 56? What will be the next update release for the game?

Lethal Company Version 56 Update Release Date: When it will be available

Lethal Company Version 56 Update Release Date When it will be available

Keep in mind that update 56 for Lethal Company is likely going to be a minor patch focusing on fixing bugs and issues that might crop up in Update 55. As for the release date for this minor patch, we do not have any information on it yet! So now, the next major content update for Lethal Company is likely going to be labeled Update 60. But before we talk about this update and its release date, let’s quickly go over the changes brought forth by the Version 55 Update.

Version 55 Update

The main highlight of this update is the Company Cruiser, a luxurious vehicle for transporting large amounts of scrap. The update also adds two new creatures and the ability to buy weed killer. Apart from that, there have been other fixes, which include resolving desync issues with nutcrackers and mechs, correcting damage inconsistencies when attacking creatures and players, adjusting damage to players from 10% to 20%, and fixing the positioning of a breaker box and vent spawn. Additionally, the logic for weight and an issue with players’ soft locking on terminals have also been addressed.

Version 60: When will it be available? (Speculations)

As of writing this article, there is no official release date for the next major update for Lethal Company, Version 60. However, the announcement of Version 55 by the developer provides some hints. It states the following:

“As Version 55 came sooner than Version 50, I suspect Version 60 will come even sooner. I’m planning a bunch of new scrap and new map tiles for the interiors.”

This suggests that Version 60 is a reality, and with it, the game will most likely receive new scraps and new map tiles for interiors. As for the release window, Version 50 was launched on April 14, and now we have Update 55 on July 7. Considering this three-month gap and the information from the announcement, we can speculate that the next big update, Version 60, will likely be released around late September or early October 2024. But don’t forget that this is nothing but speculation on our part and you should take it with a heavy pinch of salt. If more information regarding the same is made public, we will update this article accordingly.

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