League of Legends 11.12 Patch update preview details revealed

League of Legends 11.12 Patch update preview details revealed

Surpassing Dota 2 would be a dream for many games, and yet League of Legends has managed to nail it. Online multiplayer games are the norm for a huge chunk of the gaming community. In this article, we will talk about League of Legends 11.12 Patch update preview details. Here’s all you need to know about the same:

League of LegendsLeague of Legends

League of Legends

League of Legends, or Lol, is an online multiplayer battle arena game. The game mechanism is close to that of Dota 2. Players control a character or Champions, which has its own unique set of abilities. Players can choose from an extensible catalogue of 155 Champions. Over the course of the game, players earn experience points as they go on dealing damage and slaying the enemies.

Ranking second on the list of top-grossing games up to 2021, League of Legends is definitely a top-tier game, without a doubt. From streamers and professionals to casual gamers, League of Legends is a favourite across all ages. The game is also popular across the globe.

League of Legends 11.12 Patch update preview details revealed

Updates bring in new functionalities into most games. For League of Legends, most updates bring in nerfs or a reduction in the effectiveness of characters in the game.

About 21 hours ago, Mark Yetter, Gameplay Design/Director of League of Legends released a tweet regarding the 11.12 update patch preview. He mentioned the size of the update, which isn’t a lot. You can find the tweet here:

The update had the following Champion Buffs:

  • Aphelios

  • Draven

  • Hecarim

  • Illaoi

  • Malphite

  • Rammus

  • Ziggs

Here are the Champion nerfs:

  • Gnar

  • Kai’Sa

  • Nasus

  • Renekton

  • Wukong

  • Varus

There was also some System nerfs:

  • Mobility Reduction (this is still in the works by the devs and will probably roll out with update 11.13)

Other changes included:

  • Dr. Mundo – Goes wherever he pleases

There you have it, the League of Legends 11.12 update patch preview details revealed.

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