Kate Middleton stole spotlight from King Charles with royal visit: report

Kate Middleton stole spotlight from King Charles with royal visit: report

Here’s what it’s like to live in the shadow of Kate Middleton’s spotlight.

The Princess of Wales, 41, took center stage at the Chelsea Flower Show earlier this week, and some feared her appearance had overshadowed that of King Charles.

Royal sources are reportedly “alarmed” that the sovereign’s first visit to the event as king seemed to have been dampened by Middleton’s appearance, the Daily Mail revealed.

“It’s a shame that his visit with [Queen Camilla] received less coverage than it might have expected to,” they disclosed to the publication. “I hope they are not too disappointed.”

Camilla, 75, and Charles, 74, attended the sweet-scented botany bash as Middleton made a surprise stopover on Monday.

The sources also noted that the amount of press coverage given to Middleton may find Charles to feel “eclipsed” by his daughter-in-law.

Charles had previously felt that others stole the limelight from him, especially when he was married to the late Princess Diana.

King Charles
Royal insiders believe that Middleton overshadowed her father-in-law at the Chelsea Flower Show earlier this week.via REUTERS

The pair were married from 1981 until 1996, with Lady Di’s face often being splashed across the front pages.

Andrew Morton, author of the 1992 biography “Diana: Her True Story,” explained to Insider last year how Diana was usually “the star of the show.”

The writer added that Diana “never minded the personal difficulties” she had with Charles behind closed doors.

King Charles and Queen Camilla attended a garden party during a visit to the Hillsborough Castle, in Northern Ireland on May 24.via REUTERS

“But on the public stage, she overshadowed him,” Morton went on. “And it was something that he found very difficult to take. Now he’s the star of the show. He’s king.” 

Elsewhere at the flower show, the Duchess of Cambridge joined a group of children at the party for a picnic lunch and was even asked by 11-year-old Saron Fikremariam what her primary duty will be when she is monarch.

“I asked her what’s the first thing she is going to do when she becomes queen and she said she is going to help kids,” Fikremariam divulged to the Mirror recently.

The kiddos also asked the mother of three what life is like as a royal, to which she responded: “You have to work hard.”

Kate Middleton
The Princess of Wales attended a picnic with schoolchildren at the Chelsea Flower Show on May 22.POOL/AFP via Getty Images

At another time during the show, some fans asked her to sign autographs. However, she noted that she is not allowed to scribe her moniker.

“I can’t write my name,” Middleton was overheard saying, according to People, “but I can draw.”

When they asked her again to pen her name, she allegedly replied, “My name’s Catherine. I’m not allowed to write my signature. It’s just one of those rules.”

She’s apparently barred from scrawling her name because there is a risk of her signature being forged.