Jon Rahm Father - Edorta Rahm Nationality, Age And Net Worth

Jon Rahm Father - Edorta Rahm Nationality, Age And Net Worth
Jon Rahm Father – Edorta Rahm Nationality And Family Background Edorta Rahm nationality is Spanish. He is well-known as Jon Rahm father and his biggest supporter. 
The bond of father and son is very precious for anyone-especially for athletes. The case is no different for pro golfer Jon Rahm and his parent Edorta Rahm.
As a fact, Edorta rarely misses his son’s golf games and even joins him if he gets a chance. 
Meet Edorta Rahm- Jon Rahm Father 
Edorta Rahm is Jon Rahm father.
Joh is a professional golf player. The 26 years old is the former world no.1 golfer (2020 for 4 weeks) and the first Spanish person to win a US Open.  Edorta doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography.  
Nevertheless, you may have seen Edorta supporting his son on the golf course. In fact, he sometimes helps with Jon’s caddie.
In the PGA Tour 2018, the proud father approached the Real Sociedad de Golf de Neguri to follow the professionals on the Seve Ballesteros. Moreover, the PGA foundation regarded his impact as very positive. 
Everything on Edorta Nationality and Age
Edorta Rahm nationality is Spanish. 
He was born and bred in Bilbao, Spain. On the other hand, his ancestors were of Swiss origin. It is speculated that the Rahm family moved from Switzerland to Spain during the 1970s.
Edorta Rahm seems around the age of his 60s-year-old. 
Likewise, he is married to his lovely wife, Angela Rodriguez. Angela is a native of Madrid. Furthermore, both John Rahm parents, Edorta and Angela Rodriguez, are extremely proud of their child.  Rahm’s other family members include his daughter-in-law Kelley Cahill. On April 4, 2021, Edorta Rahm even welcomed his first baby grandson named Kepa Cahill Rahm. 
How Much Net Worth Does He Own?
Edorta Rahm shares a net worth of $13 million with his son.
Rahm enjoys a fancy house and lifestyle in Spain. Similarly, he himself loves to golf sometimes.
Jon is currently competing in the Torrey Pines – South Course (US Open). He is already leading the table as the no.1 player. Furthermore, nearly $12.5 million is at stake in the championship.