John Kunkel Wikipedia- Everything On Chief To Staff Wife, Family and Children

John Kunkel Wikipedia- Everything On Chief To Staff Wife, Family and Children
John Kunkel Wikipedia: Everything On Chief To Staff Wife, Family & Children Table of Contents
John Kunkel is not featured on a Wikipedia page yet. However, he is mentioned on the wiki of “Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister, Australia”
John, as chief of staff, is responsible for the entire management of the PM’s office in Australia. He will be handling the strategic and policy coordination during his tenure.
Kunkel is working under Scott Morrison and is in the post since 2018.
Quick Facts:Name
John Kunkel
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John Kunkel’s age is around 50-60 years old.
There aren’t exact data available but this estimation is based on his education years mentioned in Linkedin.
John was born in Australia to his parents and his nationality is Australian.
Prior to working as a chief of staff to the PM, Kunkel was a chief advisor for government relations in Rio Tinto for 2 years.
Talking about Kunkel’s education, he completed his bachelor’s from the University of Queensland, majoring in economics. Similarly, he completed his Ph.D. in Economics itself from the Australian National University.
John Kunkel’s Wife And Family
There is little to no information regarding John Kunkel’s wife, children, and family.
He seems to be a family man but nothing can be confirmed. John is neither on Twitter nor Instagram. This makes it difficult to get information on the family of the chief of staff. 
Kunkel seems to be a private person when comes to disclosing about his wife and children.
John Kunkel’s Recent Controversy
Recently a woman named Brittany Higgins came up with her survivor story. She claimed to be raped at the parliament house in 2018. 
According to Brittany Higgins, she shared about it immediately with the advisors of PM, one of them is said to be John. Shortly after that, the alleged rapist was sacked.
The question now is about the transparency in the PM’s house. The Australian PM is repeatedly saying that he was not aware of this and is asking for a review on the case and who all knew about the allegation.   That they would so blatantly lie about this implies that they are used to getting away with it. All of you have to be ready to refute it with facts.
Still failing to see what value #PMO offers to the taxpayer as opposed to @LiberalAus so why are we paying for them? #JohnKunkel
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