Below Deck Mediterranean season 9 episode 6 recap: Aesha plays referee between Ellie and Bri

Below Deck Mediterranean season 9 episode 6 recap: Aesha plays referee between Ellie and Bri

Some crew members aren’t getting along while others are hooking up in Below Deck Mediterranean season 9 episode 6, “Running Aft-er Time.” This includes the continuing drama with Ellie and Bri butting heads — initially over Joe, but it had spilled over into work. 

Stew vs stew

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Bri felt Ellie was having a power trip over her position and used it to belittle her. Ellie didn't appreciate the accusation and chalked it up to Bri playing the victim. But Bri thought it all came back to the fact that she hooked up with Joe and Ellie liked him.

Ellie talked to Joe in the crew mess about Bri, and Joe joked he had to put a mattress on the floor since Bri kept crashing in his room. "She's just creating drama for no reason. She's just going out of her way to be like, 'oh, I'm a victim.' Nobody has done anything to you. Shut the f**k up, get to work, get to your bed. It has nothing to do with me," Ellie said and walked away.

Ellie then went to Aesha to tell her how Bri had said she was belittling her, something Ellie had denied doing when Aesha had asked. "I know it's hard, but you both need to just get on with it, and we can sort it after the charter," Aesha said.

Aesha then discussed the issues with Bri to discuss, and asked why she was sleeping in the boys' cabin. After stammering her way through an explanation, Aesha asked that Bri doesn't do that anymore, as she could impact their routine while they're on charter. Bri agreed and slept in her own cabin that night. She also aimed to stay out of the drama and away from Joe for the time being.

Ellie felt Bri was making her look like the bad guy. When Ellie didn't pull plates and cutlery for dinner in a timely matter, Aesha wasn't happy about it and felt that maybe Ellie acted like she was more capable than she actually was.

"Time has definitely gotten away from me, but at the same time, Bri is just literally getting away with murder, and I'm out here getting put on a cross for like the smallest mistake. It's bulls**t," Ellie said in a confessional.

Jono on the rocks

Chef "Jono" knew he had to nail his dishes moving forward, as he had received one too many complaints from guests. Luckily, he nailed the lobster benedicts at breakfast, but dinner was a whole other game.

The first dish of the night was a crispy calamari, which the guests thoroughly enjoyed. The main course was a sea bass dish, and they loved that, too. "Johnathan's presentation this charter versus last charter is like night and day," Captain Sandy said in a confessional. "So I'm relieved I have a backup chef, however, I'm impressed."

Deck crew needs help

Iain Maclean and Captain Sandy on Below Deck Mediterranean

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Bosun Iain hadn't been doing the greatest job leading his team: lack of direction, not taking initiative, etc. On the final day of the charter, Deckhand Nathan found the windlass, an essential piece of gear that works with the anchor on a boat, was making a strange sound and wasn't working. After discussions with the crew, Captain Sandy decided to use the other windlass on the boat to work with the broken one. Another problem arose when the second officer discovered the tender, a smaller boat the crew uses, was left on and the battery was out of juice. "This is the worst possible time for a mistake like this," Captain Sandy said in a confessional.

Captain Sandy approached the deck team to see who had left the battery on all night. Although Iain was asleep on his break, Captain Sandy asked Joe to wake him up. When he reached the bridge, Iain told her he was the last one in the tender.

This was the charter guests' last day, and they had flights that afternoon. With 25 minutes already delayed due to these issues, the pressure was on. And to make matters worse, the line used to assist the broken windlass suddenly snapped.

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