Is Paul Brand Gay? Paul Brand ITV Wife Or Husband- Is He Married?

Is Paul Brand Gay? Paul Brand ITV Wife Or Husband- Is He Married?
Is Paul Brand Gay? ITV Journalist Wife And Married Life Table of Contents
ITV’s editor Paul Brand is gay and is expecting a child with his husband, Joe. Let’s find out details on his Wiki and partner.
Paul Brand is a well-known British broadcaster and journalist.
He currently serves as an editor but previously, he was a political correspondent for the TV channel, ITV.
Is Paul Brand Gay?
Paul Brand is reportedly gay and is a member of the LGBTQ community.
As a matter of fact, he is the patron of LGBT+ charity, Just Like U.
Also, he is the co-founder of the same community’s campaign, School Diversity Week. Paul Brand ITV  Wife Or Husband: Is He Married?
Paul Brand from ITV is from the LGBTQ community and has a husband.
Joe Cuddeford is the name of his spouse. He is a civil servant but the precise details of his profession still remain a mystery. 
The couple is together for a few years and they took a wedding oath in 2019. They are expecting their first child most probably with the help of a surrogate.
The identity of the surrogate mother is not disclosed due to private reasons. But they have promised to share their baby’s pictures on Instagram. Paul Brand Wikipedia
Since Paul Brand is a reputed journalist, he is featured on the Wiki-like page.
Paul was born in Bridgend and raised with his sibling, Gareth. Currently, he resides in London, England. Thus, he is a British citizen and hails from a white ethnic heritage. 
As per his LinkedIn, he attended Cowbridge Comprehensive School. After that, he completed BA in PPE from Oxford University.
Finally, Brand gained a postgraduate diploma in journalism from City University. He began his career as a reporter and newsreader at Town & Country Broadcasting.
Paul joined ITV as a production journalist in 2008 and was promoted to reporter. In 2013, he became a political correspondent followed by an interim political editor in 2015.
As of now, Brand is a full-time UK editor for ITV.