Is Micah Parsons Gay? Wife Girlfriend And Married Life

Is Micah Parsons Gay? Wife Girlfriend And Married Life
Cowboys Micah Parsons Raised Some Eyebrows About His Sexuality – Is He Really Gay? Is Micah Parsons Gay? There are many rumors about his sexuality lately. Find out the real story here. 
The future has turned bright for Parsons as Dallas Cowboys drafted him in the first round.
A former Penn state college football player, he will now make his NFL debut in 2021.
Yet, there is still scrutiny surrounding his love life. 
Is Micah Parsons Gay? Explore His Sexuality
No Micah Parsons is not gay. 
The rumors first started circulating when Micah’s former Penn State teammate, Isaiah Humphries, accused him of sexual harassment and assault.
Humphries alleged that Parsons abused him over multiple instances that forced him to leave the college.
However, Micah doesn’t seem much faced by the accusations. He replied that he was just a 16-17 years kid, and he will not let the past event dictate his life.
It turns out Micah Parsons is neither gay nor has a boyfriend.
Micah Parsons identifies his sexuality as straight. 
The reports that state Micah Parsons is homosexual are false! Though he may be bisexual, that remains untrue as long as he doesn’t confirm his partner’s preference.
Micah Parsons Son With His Girlfriend 
Micah Parsons and his girlfriend already have a son.
His son was born around 2018, at the same time as Isaiah’s incident.
Likewise, he is very close to his only child. In fact, he did not play the 2020 season to spend time with his family. Parsons also holds a near bond with his parents: Sherese and Terrence Parsons. He calls his mom his spirit and inspiration.
Likewise, Micah even mentioned if he gets married, his mom has set the bar too high. 
Apparently, both of Micah’s parents held multiple jobs to support their children. Besides, he also has 2 other siblings. 
Micah Parsons Wife: Is He Married?  
Micah Parsons does not have a wife as he is not married yet.
Parsons has never disclosed his partner. Reports suggest that he is still together with his baby mama.
However, the athlete seems protective when it comes to his other half.  The football player is very much engrossed in his career to start married life. The Cowboys recently drafted him in the 2021 NFL with a four years contract worth $17 million.