Is Marla Gibbs Still Alive Or Passed Away? Death Hoax Explained

Is Marla Gibbs Still Alive Or Passed Away? Death Hoax Explained
Did Marla Gibbs Passed Away Or Is She Still Alive? Death Hoax And More Is Marla Gibbs Still Alive Or Passed Away? She is believed to be dead at the age of 89. Find the legit information in the full article below.
Marla is an American actress, singer, comedian, writer, and television producer whose career spans a very long period of five decades.
She is known for her role as George Jefferson’s maid, Florence Johnston. She has received a nomination for best supporting actress in a primetime Emmy award five times.
Marla also starred in different movies like Checking in Lost and Found, The Visit, Madea’s Witness Protection, and Lemon.
She has left the mortal world now but she has left a legacy behind her.
Marla Gibbs: Is She Alive or Dead?
Sadly Marla Gibbs has passed away.
She passed away on June 2021 in the hospital at the age of 89.
The news about her death surfaced throughout the internet, and all of her fans were deeply saddened to hear about her death.
Many famous personalities and celebrities like George Clooney and many more have paid their tribute to the late actress.
She has left an unforgettable imprint on the film industry. Marla Gibbs: How Did She Die?
Marla Gibbs died due to old age.
She was born on June 14th, 1931 in Chicago, Illinois. She was nearly 90 years old.
She died due to aging as there were no reports of her getting sick or being suffered from any fatal disease.
Many fans were curious if she died from the noble coronavirus, but sources near her cleared that the death was natural, and she died in peace. Marla Gibbs Family and Children
Marla Gibbs was married to her ex husband Jordan Gibbs.
Jordan was her high school sweetheart whom she tied the nuptial knot in 1955.
They got divorced in the year 1973.
They have three children together.
Their children’s names are Angela Gibbs, Dorian Gibbs, and Joseph Gibbs.
Her older sister’s name is Susie Garrett, who played the role of Cherries grandmother Betty Johnson on the NBC series Punky Brewster.
Her daughter Angela Gibbs is also an actress who appeared on the TV show Sanford and Sons.