‘Captain America 4’ Confirms the Red Hulk Is Coming

‘Captain America 4’ Confirms the Red Hulk Is Coming

It’s a brave new world for the MCU: One where Harrison Ford is the President of the United States.

Ford co-stars as President “Thunderbolt” Ross in the new Captain America movie, taking over the role from the late William Hurt. In Captain America: Brave New World, Ross tries to recruit the new Captain America, Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) to become an official operative of the U.S. Government. It’s never worked out in the past, but maybe this time? (Spoiler alert: It will definitely not work out this time either.)

The first trailer for the film is here, you can see Ford mixing it up with Mackie below.

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Here is a bunch of new images from the teaser:

While the trailer doesn’t include him, the first teaser poster for Brave New World makes it very clear that the Red Hulk — traditionally Thunderbolt Ross’ superhero secret identity from Marvel Comics — is appearing in the film in some way, shape, or form. Here is the full teaser poster for the film in all its Red Hulk teasing glory:



Here is the film’s official synopsis:

After meeting with newly elected U.S. President Thaddeus Ross, played by Harrison Ford in his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut, Sam finds himself in the middle of an international incident. He must discover the reason behind a nefarious global plot before the true mastermind has the entire world seeing red.

Red. Clever. Almost as clever as when Harrison Ford was asked in an interview last year about potentially playing the Red Hulk in Captain America: Brave New World. and his response was “What’s a Red Hulk?” He fooled you all! Talk about a great actor.

I guess it’s possible this is a fake-out and Ross isn’t the Red Hulk in this particular film, but somebody’s playing the character. He’s on the poster!

Captain America: Brave New World is scheduled to open in theaters on February 14, 2024.

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