How to type in Among Us new update ?

How to type in Among Us new update ?

Among Us has been last updated with the new Airship Map. With this map, other cool features were also added to the game. One of the new things which are added in the game is hampering typing. Read the full article to know more about it.

Among Us is an online multiplayer 2-D game. It is a space-themed game that revolves around the killing of crewmates by the imposters and ejecting of imposters by the crewmates. The crewmates can only eject the imposters by voting a particular character together. The discussion of the same goes in the chatbox or via voice chat through other mediums.

How to type in Among Us New Update?

Among Us has added some filters to let the players type in the game. Typing becomes very necessary in the game when the crewmates have to suspect an imposter and share their views or what they saw during the whole gameplay. This update has made several changes in the typing systems.

Among Us has changed its policy for typing. If you have put your age below 18 years in the game, it will not allow the players to type in the game. This initiative has been taken to reduce Cyber Bullying. So, if you want to type during the game, you need to put your age above 18 years. If you have put your age above 18, you must go to the settings again and select, chat type that you want to prefer.

How to re-type your age?

There is currently no way to re-type your age in Among Us. All you can do is to uninstall Among Us from your device and then try re-installing it. It will give you the option again where you can put your age as above 18.

According to my, it is a great step to stop cyberbullying by Innersloth. Very few games are there that initiated such social issues.