How to take your shirt off in NBA 2K22

How to take your shirt off in NBA 2K22

NBA 2K22 has many interesting features within its gameplay experience & one such feature is taking your shirt off which many players have wondered how to do, we looked into it and to our surprise, it is actually not just a setting or a button you have to press but rather an unlockable, we will go further into how you can unlock this later in this article.

Before we get to that short tutorial, the game was released on September 10, 2021, as the 23rd installment in the NBA game franchise, a title that has been released every year for well over the past 20 years, and is available for all major platforms such as Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC through launchers such as Steam. You can purchase the game through their official site.

Now to get back to the main topic of this article and that is how exactly you can remove your shirt in NBA 2K22, we have created a small and easy to follow guide below, which should help in unlocking the feature to take your shirt off.

How to take your shirt off in NBA 2K22?

There are actually two different quests through which you can unlock the feature to take your shirt off in 2K22.

Method 1

  • You will need to pay ATM a visit, he stands next to the NBA Store, in an alley way, once you converse with him then you should be able to have a quest from him, it will be available in your city quests tab
    • If no such quest has appeared yet then it is said that you should play a few 2v2 games and then it’ll pop up

  • The quest asks you to play 25 matches of the  2v2 gamemode to unlock the feature, it is more preferably that you win as many of the 25 games

  • Once completed you will be able to take your shirt off

Method 2

  • For this you have to do the “Dont forget your sunscreen” quest, you can unlock this quest by going to the 16th floor of the Cancha De Mar building and enter the pool area.

  • Once in the pool area, speak to the NPC in the red shirt, she will give you this quest, where you have to win 5 park games in a row, five times

  • Once done then you’ll unlock the feature to remove your shirt

The second method is no doubt way longer and more difficult and we would suggest the first method.