How to fix dev error code 5757 on modern warfare ?

How to fix dev error code 5757 on modern warfare ?

Call of duty modern warfare is one of the best shooter games available right now in the gaming industry. This was published back in 2009 by Activision with the assistance of the infinity ward. This game had the potential to become the best of its time if it had not faced tough opposition from counter strike and the IGI franchise. Well even though Activision is known for its masterpiece in the game industry, users still face some unusual errors which are hectic to fix. The article talks about the error code 5757.

Fix Error Code 5757 NOW!

Here are some of the ways to fix this error.

Settings page for error code 5757Reduce the Graphics and other related settings from here
  1. Running the game as an administrator has fixed most of the problems. Restricting administrator permission often leads to game malfunction. Hence sometimes giving permission might eliminate the error.

  2. If you are using some streaming software, then you might turn that off. Some third-party applications tend to hamper the game functionality and often throws errors.

  3. Reinstall your GPU driver. Go to the control panel, then click on device manager, then click on drivers, and right-click on it. From the dropdown select reinstall. Reinstalling the device drivers may eliminate the error.

  4. Run the game with the least graphics or fps settings. Sometimes we tend to set the game settings to max, which our device can’t handle. Hence it crashes and throws us errors. This can be eliminated by simply bringing down the settings. You can also restore the default settings.

  5. Check whether any windows update is pending or not. Pending Windows updates may hamper the functionality of the game due to low compatibility. Hence it is necessary to keep your windows up to date.

  6. Turn off any auto-start applications from the task manager. Sometimes auto-start applications like UnrealEngine and Spotify tend to consume much more RAM than it’s supposed to. Hence it clogs the memory and defers PC performance. This can also result in an in-game crash.

These are some of the most common fixes that have helped numerous players. It is unlikely that you will be facing this dev error anytime soon.