How to appear offline on Free Fire in 2022?

How to appear offline on Free Fire in 2022?

One of the highest-grossing games on both the Play Store as well as App Store is Free Fire. Likewise, the online multiplayer battle royale game has become one of the most popular mobile games. The game’s massive popularity is in part due to its ability to ride the battle royale trend.

Additionally, the game has tapped into the rise of online multiplayer mobile games. Thus, it has managed to gain a huge player base ever since its release. Free Fire lets you add and invite your friends for online matches. However, sometimes you may want to play solo or just want some privacy. This is where having an “appear offline” feature becomes useful. This article has all the details regarding how to appear offline on Free Fire in 2022.Free Fire

Why an “appear offline” feature is importantOffline Free Fire

An “appear offline” feature is a must for most modern online multiplayer games. It is a feature handy for those times when you just want to play the multiplayer game solo or want some privacy. Without a feature to appear offline, replying to every invite with a message that you’re busy or ignoring friends is not very pleasant. Likewise, the ability to appear offline can also be helpful if you have different circles of people you want to play with. You may be going online with the intent to play with somebody specific.

Coming to the main topic of this article, a feature that allows you to appear offline is a popular demand among fans. You can find all the details regarding this feature in Free Fire below.

How to appear offline on Free Fire in 2022:

The ability to appear offline when you want to is a feature that is very useful in online games. Games like Free Fire have a massive player base as well as an active one. Therefore, having a downtime by using a feature to appear offline would be very useful. However, there is currently no feature natively in Free Fire that allows players to appear offline in-game. This means that every time you log on to the game, your friends can see your active status and also invite you. Thus, manually rejecting invites in the game is the only way to get some privacy currently.

This was all the available details and a how-to, if any, on how to appear offline in Free Fire. To read more informative articles like this one, follow Digistatement.