Here's How To Watch 'Snowdrop' On Disney Plus In USA

Here's How To Watch 'Snowdrop' On Disney Plus In USA

Every K-Drama and K-Pop fan eagerly waited for "Snowdrop’s" debut, the latest romantic drama series on Disney Plus Asia-Pacific. As Disney Plus expands its reach to Asia-Pacific, it has added a touch of local flavor starting with the highly-anticipated "Snowdrop" which was first shown on the JTBC channel and Disney Plus Asia-Pacific last December 18. However, many fans of K-Drama and K-Pop abroad may be wondering where to watch "Snowdrop."

If you’re not familiar with the show, "Snowdrop" gained popularity for its all-star cast that brings together the best of K-Drama and K-Pop. "Snowdrop" features Korean actor and K-Drama star Jung Hae-in and one of K-Pop’s biggest stars, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo. Do you understand the hype now? If that wasn’t enough to excite you, "Snowdrop" is also directed by the creators of the mega-hit K-Drama series "Skycastle", Yoo Hyun-mi and Jo Hyun-tak. 

"Snowdrop" is a refreshing take on K-Drama as it adopts a more realistic storyline with accurate historical details. Set in 1980s Seoul during the Democracy Movement of 1987, a mass protest movement pressured South Korea’s authoritarian government to hold fair elections. The series revolves around two graduate students who fall in love at first sight. Their romance blossomed amidst the chaos around them as the aftermath of the 1987 Democracy Movement. Jisoo’s character finds out the true identity of her lover. Realizing that the government is after him as a dissident, she proceeds to hide him in her dorm room, promising to stick by him. She then becomes an accomplice and the rest of the plot unfolds as you get deeper into the series.

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How to watch "Snowdrop" in the US or any country outside of Asia

  1. Choose your preferred VPN service from either NordVPN or Surfshark and subscribe. Download the VPN and install it on your active devices. 
  2. Search for an available server in South Korea and connect to it.
  3. Go to your Disney Plus app or the website and log in.
  4. Type in "Snowdrop" on the search bar or navigate to look for it and click on the streaming option. 
  5. Watch and enjoy.