Harry Styles Calls Pandemic 'Stolen Time' That Helped Him To Make 'Harry's House' [Watch]

Harry Styles Calls Pandemic 'Stolen Time' That Helped Him To Make 'Harry's House' [Watch]

Harry Styles opened up about the time he spent during the pandemic and how it helped him to learn about himself and create the upcoming music album, "Harry's House."

"You’re never going to be up here forever," Styles told host Zane Lowe during an Apple Music interview published on the singer's YouTube channel Monday. "So you better find something else that makes you happy, because the best people who are truly unicorns of music are the ones who do it and then are gone."

The singer explained that those "unicorns of music" are seen again once when they make a "come back," which is the only thing that matters. "And for a really long time, I was terrified of what my life was if I wasn’t up here doing music, on a show, doing something," the singer admitted.

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Styles further explained how reality hit him during the pandemic when there was no traveling or stepping out of the house.

"You can’t travel, you can’t do this, you can’t go outside your house," Style said. "Suddenly you’re forced to not be this musician guy, you’re forced to be a friend and a brother and a son, and all of those things."

The singer shared that he got a “chance to focus” on a lot of stuff, including creating his upcoming music album, "Harry’s House."

"And you’re kind gifted this stolen time and you feel like, ‘Oh, I can get a head start. I can just start making stuff,'" he added. "As I started making the album, I realized it wasn’t about the geographical location. It’s much more of an internal thing."

The singer further explained the reason behind the title of his music album and the theme of the songs. "When I took that title, put it to the songs we were making, it felt like it took on this whole new meaning and it was about, imagine it’s a day in my house," he said. "What do I go through? A day in my mind, what do I go through in my house? I’m playing fun music."

"I’m playing this, I’m playing that. Feeling stuff. Kind of like a day in the life," he added. "I like all of that stuff."

Styles also noted that this pandemic period helped him to create a balance between his private and work life. Now, the singer shared that he is "always working at being more present," and due to this, he is "able to celebrate the moments that should be celebrated."

"Harry's House" is slated to release this Friday, and it will feature 13 songs, including "As It Was," which was dropped on April 1.

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