Halo Infinite: How to fix Voice chat not working issue?

Halo Infinite: How to fix Voice chat not working issue?

If you have been playing the game Halo Infinite for a good amount of time now, you will have noticed that most of the people do not talk in the game lobby. While the reason can be anything, it is seen most of the time that the voice chat option in the game does not work properly.

As a result, most of the players are not able to talk in the game. So is there a fix to this voice chat not working issue? Yes, there is. But first of all, we need to make sure that the voice chat is enabled in the game. Here are the steps to do this –

Halo Infinite Voice Chat Not Working

  • Click on F1 i.e. the Settings.

  • Once you get all the options, click on Settings present on the top.

  • From the list of settings available, keep scrolling to the right until you find the Audio settings. Click on it.

  • You will have quite a lot of options. Scroll on down until you see the Communications option.

  • If you are playing the game on PC, go ahead and click on the Voice Chat Input device. In there, you have to choose the microphone that you are using.

  • If you look next, you will find the Voice Chat mode option. For the ones who are setting this up for the first time, it is always set to disable. So if you have the same, go ahead and select either Open Mic, Push to talk, or Toggle to Talk.

  • Next, make sure that the Fireteam and Lobby chat, as well as the Match Chat, are enabled too. You can also change the loudness of other players in the game by toggling through the Incoming Voice Chat Volume. You can tweak the keybinds set for each control as well.

You have to back out next, and the settings for your voice chat option in the game are done. If you are still facing any issues related to voice chat in the game, follow the below steps to solve them –

Halo Infinite Voice Chat Not Working

  • On your system, go to the search bar and then search for System Sound settings. Once you find it, click on it.

  • On the page, scroll down until you get to the Advanced Sound options, and then click on it.

  • From the list of apps available, search for Halo Infinite. This is where you can set the speaker and microphone for the game. It is automatically set to default, but you can simply set it to any specific playback device.

  • As an alternative, you can also go to the Sound Control Panel on the same window where you chose Advanced Sound options. Once the option opens up, switch over to the recording tab.

  • On the recording tab, you can figure out which microphone of yours is producing sound when you speak. Simply right-click on it and select ‘Set as default device’ and you’re done.

Halo Infinite Voice Chat Not Working

This will solve your issues of voice chat not working in the game Halo Infinite. Follow Digi Statement for more guides like these.