‘Mid-Love Crisis’ Digital Release Date Confirmed

‘Mid-Love Crisis’ Digital Release Date Confirmed

Amazon Prime Video has confirmed the digital release date for ‘Mid-Love Crisis‘. You can buy or rent it on Prime Video starting July 16, 2024.

Directed by Terry Ingram from a screenplay by Joie Botkin, the film stars Teri Hatcher as Mindy Quinn, James Tupper as Marc Quinn, Brian Markinson as Sam Berman, June Laporte as Rita Quinn, Matreya Scarrwener as Emily, Lauren K. Robek as Nathalie, Brian Cyburt as Richard, and Andy Yu as Andy.

What is the Plot of Mid-Love Crisis?

'Mid-Love Crisis' Digital Release Date Confirmed

The week of her 50th birthday, Mindy, a divorced teacher, is going through a bonafide mid-life crisis as she prepares to host a long weekend at the lake with former boyfriend Sam, ex-husband Marc, and daughter Rita and her girlfriend Emily. In the process, Mindy begins to discover what it is she truly wants as she gets ready to start the next chapter.

Produced by Jamie Goehring (executive producer), Rob Lycar (producer), Trevor McWhinney (executive producer), Michael Shepard (co-executive producer), Jonathan Shore (executive producer), Fernando Szew (executive producer), and Shawn Williamson (executive producer).

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