FunPinPin Helps Chinese Merchants Enter the E-commerce Market

Compared with traditional retail, the e-commerce market in Europe and America is still in its infancy. Taking the United States as an example, under the catalysis of the global epidemic, e-commerce sales increased to 21.3% of the total retail sales in 2020. In contrast, the proportion of e-commerce sales in total retail sales in China has reached about 50%. It is not difficult to find that there is a constant growth space, which also means huge business opportunities in the European and American e-commerce market.

Why are independent e-commerce stations more popular with overseas enterprises?

Different from the monopoly market form of various e-commerce platforms in China, the e-commerce market share of overseas platforms is relatively low, and people are more used to shopping at independent e-commerce stations. Shopify has millions of businesses and has surpassed eBay with an annual transaction volume of US $119.6 billion, becoming the second-largest e-commerce platform in Europe and America. During the epidemic period, the sales of Amazon increased by 47.5%, and the sales of Shopify increased by 95.7%. The independent e-commerce with Shopify as the leading e-commerce market has become the fastest-growing leader in the e-commerce market in Europe and the United States.

The importance of independent websites for Chinese businesses

Under the influence of the epidemic, the e-commerce business has ushered in good development opportunities on the contrary. As the source of the global supply chain, China has more natural advantages in the development of cross-border e-commerce. For example, 60% of Amazon's large sellers are in China, and Shopify's fastest-growing global business is in China. In recent years, the number of independent e-commerce sellers has grown substantially, giving birth to many DTC brands. Along with the control policies of the Amazon platform, Amazon cross-border e-commerce sellers are generally looking for solutions to transform into independent stations. The FunPinPin team finds the huge space in the cross-border e-commerce industry and believes that the independent station SaaS solution will be a trillion-dollar opportunity.

In the past ten years, the global SaaS industry market has grown rapidly, with a compound annual growth rate of 25%, and has formed a market size of 100 billion US dollars. The SaaS industry in developed countries has successively presented general and vertical development paths. Therefore, the trend to SaaS of independent website building tools is an inevitable historical trend. The global independent e-commerce market requires excellent e-commerce site builders like Shopify and FunPinPin. The growth space of the global independent e-commerce market is very large. If you also want to have a share in this market, you can't miss an e-commerce site builder like FunPinPin, which is excellent with its own beliefs.

Why is FunPinPin popular with many customers?

  • FunPinPin has a deep understanding of e-commerce. FPP's marketing team has been doing overseas marketing in the e-commerce industry for a long time and has extensive experience in understanding and controlling the e-commerce market.

  • FunPinPin is a team that emphasizes technology. More than 50% of its production and research teams can quickly meet the customized needs of customers. You can always believe in the quality of FunPinPin products.

  • FunPinPin is a localized service team that understands Chinese sellers better and provides more thoughtful services.

FunPinPin is a trusted online store builder. The FunPinPin team is a professional team with the advantages of overseas advertising and marketing. The cross-border e-commerce customer resources, marketing data, and understanding of the market accumulated over the years allow them to devote themselves to the overseas independent station more smoothly. In addition, the team's years of overseas marketing experience give them a natural advantage in building an independent SaaS platform.