Friday Night Funkin V.S. Zardy Foolhardy Duet Mod is the hardest(Download link inside)

Friday Night Funkin V.S. Zardy Foolhardy Duet Mod is the hardest(Download link inside)

Are you able to beat Zardy from the VS Zardy Foolhardy mod easily? Well, now we have a new mod that features a harder version of the VS Zardy Mod that we covered a few days back. Here’s everything you need to know.

Friday Night Funkin

Developed by @ninja_muffin99, FnF is a rhythm game released in 2020. It features the love story of a boy who tries to impress his girlfriend but fails as he faces hurdles on his path. He has to defeat anyone who stands in his way in a battle of music. The player takes control of the boyfriend and has to help him win to gain the ultimate reward-a kiss.

The game features 6 weeks of content and each week features different tracks and characters. Still, after playing the game for a while, it gets repetitive as the same levels/tracks are played over and over again. This is where mods for FnF come to the rescue. This time we have this VS Zardy Foolhardy Duet mod that offers new content.

Friday Night Funkin- V.S. Zardy Foolhardy Duet Mod

If you remember the VS Zardy mod that introduces a new character, Zardy the Scarecrow, then you will know how hard it was to play against him. Well, for some FnF lovers out there, the difficulty level of that mod was not enough. So, for them, this new VS Zardy Foolhardy Duet mod is a perfect choice. It offers even more challenging gameplay as the difficulty is cranked up. This mod is inspired by the duet version of the Tricky Mod

How to download this mod?

This mod can be downloaded from the official GameBanana website or you can find the direct download link here. After downloading, extract the files and replace them with the original game files to apply this mod.

Note- To apply this mod, you must have the original VS Zardy Foolhardy mod applied to FnF. Visit here to download that mod.


Game developer– @ninja_muffin99

Mod credits– OhSoVanilla

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