Friday Night Funkin The Gacha Mod is cute (Download Link Inside)

Friday Night Funkin The Gacha Mod is cute (Download Link Inside)

Desperately waiting for a Gacha themed mod for Friday Night Funkin? Well, then your wait is over as this mod will be perfect for you. Here’s everything you need to know.

Friday Night Funkin

The rhythm game released back in 2020 is currently one of the most played games. The game features the story of a boy who wants to impress his girlfriend but fails as he faces hurdles on his path. He has to defeat anyone who dares to stand in his way in a battle of music. The player takes control of the boyfriend and has to help win by hitting the correct notes on time.

fnf gacha mod

The game is live with the Week 7 update that introduced a Newgrounds exclusive character, Tankman along with 3 new tracks. But that ain’t going to be enough for the FnF fans out there. So, mods are made available to enhance the experience and provide extra content in the game.

Friday Night Funkin- Gacha Mod

Well, this mod is a visual mod that brings Gacha theme into the world of FnF. It features a new character named Bex, who of course is a Gacha character. However, no more information about this mod has been provided yet. So, download it to know more about it.

How to download this Gacha mod?

This mod can be downloaded from the official Gamebanana website or you can find the direct download link here. After downloading, extract the files and replace them with the original game files to apply this mod.


Game developer- @ninja_muffin99

Mod credits- bbpanzu, Lunime, TeaCaku

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There are mods available that can even be played directly from your browser without having to download them. To know more, visit here.