The Bold and the Beautiful recap for July 10, 2024: Brooke's warning to Hope

The Bold and the Beautiful recap for July 10, 2024: Brooke's warning to Hope

Finn turns up the heat with Steffy while Hope reflects on her feelings for Thomas and Finn in The Bold and the Beautiful recap for July 10, 2024.  

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We begin in Malibu, where Finn (Tanner Novlan) and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) share a kiss. She asks what the kiss was for, and he says it’s so that she never questions how much he loves her. 

Hope (Annika Noelle) and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) are at Forrester Creations and Hope is distracted. She has to inventory rings, which is the worst kind of job for someone trying not to think about Thomas. Brooke reminds her that the situation exists because she turned him down, twice. 

Deacon (Sean Kanan) and Hollis (Hollis W. Chambers) talk about how much they miss Tom. Luna (Lisa Yamada), Poppy (Romy Park) and Bill (Don Diamont) walk in. Bill tells Deacon that he was sorry to hear about Tom, and Poppy offers her condolences as well. Deacon says Tom was missed. Bill fills Luna in on what happened and she feels terrible. Bill asks if Tom had any family. "Siblings, kids?" he asks. Deacon has no idea, but Poppy looks away.

Finn tells Steffy that he knows she’s wondered if he’s been putting her first and he doesn’t want her to wonder about it anymore. 

Hope says that it’s more than Thomas getting married because Douglas is involved. She knows that she could have accepted a proposal but she wasn’t ready to say yes. Brooke knows that Thomas can be impulsive and that makes Hope concerned. Brooke thinks there’s something else going on, too: Hope’s feelings for Finn. She’s worried that her daughter expressed feelings for Finn and then Thomas came back, so maybe she’s trying to run away from her own feelings. 

Deacon says Tom never mentioned a family. Luna points out that she’d wanted to come see him. Deacon tells them that Tom was pretty successful back in the day, and though he was working through his demons, he died of a drug overdose. 

Finn says he lost sight of what’s important. He gets carried away with helping people, but Steffy doesn’t want him to change that. He says he asked his wife to include Sheila and he asks Steffy to forgive him. 

Hope thinks Thomas made her feel like she was the only woman in the world. Brooke says that it was probably a false sense of security for her, because she’s probably ignoring important information. It felt good to be with Thomas because it made her feel better after being with Liam, but now she’s using Thomas to cover for her feelings for Finn. Brooke knows Hope’s history with Thomas and knows that she worked really hard to get past it all. Brooke wants Hope to find the right man to love, but it won’t be Finn. "It can’t be Finn," she says.  

Finn (Tanner Novlan) in The Bold and the Beautiful

Tanner Novlan in The Bold and the Beautiful (Image credit: CBS)

Luna offers condolences to Hollis. When Luna tells Hollis that they should all go out sometime, Bill interjects and says she has a boyfriend. Poppy can’t help but giggle as Bill plays the role of the protective father. He points out that he’s always been a Boy Dad so this is new to him. He vows to always protect Luna and Poppy, and Poppy is thankful that Luna has the loving father she deserves. "I don’t want to look back ever again," Poppy says. 

Finn tells Steffy that he did things wrong, and Steffy didn’t deserve any of the stress he put her under. He’s going to make it right, though, and he’ll always put her first. 

Brooke thinks that Hope wants to be with Thomas because she’s "afraid" of her feelings for Finn. Hope says that her feelings for Thomas haven’t changed. Brooke points out that if she’d wanted to be with him, she would have accepted his proposals. But really, Brooke thinks this is all about her feelings for Finn. Brooke has been through enough passionate affairs. She knows better than anyone that it’s not worth it. 

Hollis’ hands are shaking as he tries to pour a drink. Deacon asks if he’s ok and he’s struggling with everything. Deacon says he can’t believe that Bill offered his condolences. He wasn’t expecting the change in Bill. Hollis says it doesn’t make sense that Tom was on drugs. Deacon thinks they must have missed something. He suggests that Hollis go into the back to regroup. 

Hollis goes into the back room and looks around. He starts cleaning up and finds Tom’s backpack. 

Luna says that Bill can’t hire the biggest singers for a birthday party. Poppy loves it, but Luna is clearly overwhelmed by the grandeur. 

Brooke knows Hope is afraid of turning into her mother and following Brooke’s footsteps. That’s why she is afraid of having feelings for Finn, because it’s what Brooke has done in the past. 

Steffy says that the way Finn talked about Sheila was upsetting and she thought she was going to lose him. Finn says she wasn’t going to lose him. Steffy says she believes in him and believes what he’s saying. She forgives him for everything. They share another kiss. "It’s you and me, Finn. We can’t lose sight of that," she says. She says they can’t let anyone come between them again. 

Brooke reminds Hope that with Thomas engaged to Paris, she can’t allow herself to feel anything for Finn. Hope doesn’t look convinced. 

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