‘Coronation Street’ spoilers: Sally Webster declares war!

‘Coronation Street’ spoilers: Sally Webster declares war!

In tonight’s first episode of Coronation Street (7.30pm — see our TV Guide for full listings) Sally Webster declares war on the local council.

Sally Webster is aggrieved to see a local councillor, who ignored her concerns about local traffic, parking his car on the street before catching a tram. 

Sally is determined to keep the street clear of cars.

Sally is determined to keep the street clear of cars. (Image credit: ITV)

A guilty Imran tells Toyah he can’t meet her for lunch as he is too busy in the office. Michael suggests she surprises him with a takeaway lunch but when she arrives at the office Adam tells her he hasn't been in the office all day and went to the Rovers.

 Toyah is clearly furious, knowing that he has been lying to her and marches out on a mission. What will she find?

Frustrated about Corey’s promotion to the first team and that his anonymity remains protected, Kevin, Nina and Asha agree that his County teammates should be made aware of the truth about him and what he did to Seb.  Kevin asks James to have a discreet word with County’s manager as the team deserves to know they are playing alongside a murderer but when that fails he resolves to speak to the manager himself.  

Tim offers to accompany him, knowing that he needs to be there for his mate in his time of need.  Kevin reckons Corey getting thrown out of County might bring Abi home but is the manager prepared to listen?

Audrey meets Rita in the cafe and apologises for damaging her car, offering to pay for the repairs, and hoping to make things right. She takes offence when Rita suggests she maybe needs her eyes testing, worried that everyone thinks she is past her prime. 

Gail convinces David and Shona to stage an intervention to get to the bottom of Audrey’s problem. Summoning Audrey to No.8, Gail’s hoping for a civilised discussion. Will she get her wish or has Audrey had enough of being treated like an ‘old woman’? 

Nina’s a bundle of nerves ahead of her college interview. Shona calms her down. Roy steels himself to deliver the latest update on Corey. 

Coronation Street continues tonight at 8.30pm.