CES 2021: Swann Security Cameras Look To Reduce Crime With Lights And Alarms

CES 2021: Swann Security Cameras Look To Reduce Crime With Lights And Alarms


  • Swann's latest home security kit has really impressed at CES 2021
  • The Swann 4K NVR Enforcer offers 4K video surveillance
  • The 4K NVR Enforcer kit can also help reduce crimes with its built-in lights and alarm

Security cameras are helpful to provide information about what happened at a location, but they aren’t all that useful at actually stopping crime. Security experts Swann have taken to CES 2021 to reveal their new line of security cameras that not only improve on the basic concept of providing video surveillance but can also help deter crime with added features.

Swann has two different styles of camera to show off this time as part of their 4K NVR Enforcer kit, a dome-style camera and a bullet-style camera. Both cameras are designed to withstand heat and cold, so can be put anywhere inside or outside a home. The cameras are all wired to a central unit called the NVR Enforcer via an ethernet cable, which helps to both transfer data and also provides power for the cameras.

nhd_900de_cam_insitu An example of the dome-style cameras included in the 4K NVR Enforcer kit Photo: Swann

Like a traditional security system, the Swann Enforcer kit provides a video feed from its cameras, but unlike other options, the Swann cameras broadcast in 4K resolution. This gives a much clearer picture of what is happening on-screen. This 4K video can be saved both locally and on the cloud.

However, where this new Swann security system differs includes the addition of what the company calls Night2Day technology. This takes a night-vision video feed from the camera and converts it into full color, as if the video was recorded during the middle of the afternoon. This helps provide extra details that a normal camera might miss.

While the camera is certainly impressive, the camera housing itself has a few tricks up its sleeve. If the camera detects any suspicious activity it can flash blue and red lights, provide a bright spotlight on the activity, and even sound a loud alarm. This is powered by what Swann calls True Detect, which uses motion and heat signatures to determine what kind of measures to take. If any lights or alarms are triggered, the Swann security system will also send a notification to the owner’s phone to alert them to the activity.

nhd_900be_cam_insitu An example of how one of the bullet-style cameras could be mounted Photo: Swann

The system can be set up to recognize faces and vehicles to alert owners if unknown people are at the house. Alternatively, the Swann Enforcer system can be trained to recognize specific people and provide an alert if they are caught on the camera.

All of these services are provided for free, as there are no subscription plans needed. That said, Swann does offer its Swann Secure+ service which allows for more cloud storage, added notifications, insurance protection and more. There are two different subscription plans, with one geared towards a single camera or camera kit and the other more for a location that uses multiple cameras.

The full 4K NVR Enforcer kit comes with the eight-channel NVR Enforcer central unit, four bullet-style cameras and two dome-style cameras. No price was given for the kit, but similar systems from Swann are around $550. Expect this one to be a little more than that.