Call of Duty Warzone Packet Loss Fix for PC in 2021

Call of Duty Warzone Packet Loss Fix for PC in 2021

Online games have conquered the gaming industry in one fell sweep. Be it simple strategy games like Clash of Clans or action games like COD Warzone, pretty much every game is now online. In intense action games like COD Warzone, packet loss is the worst nightmare for any player. This article covers the basics and how to combat the COD Warzone packet loss issue.

Packet loss disrupts the data received from the server for a second or two. This time may not seem much but this is what matters when you hit or miss a shot in FPS games.

The following tips will help you fix the packet loss issue.

1. Background Updates

It is best if you update Windows and its drivers in a fixed interval. Allowing the updates to run in the background every day can result in packet loss. Type Check for Updates in the Windows search bar. Install all the pending updates. Now, type View Network Connections. Update the driver for the network that you are using.

Once both of them are updated, type in Windows update delivery settings. Under delivery optimization, scroll down to the bottom and click on Advanced options. Below Download Settings, check the percentage bandwidth option. Check both the boxes to enable the bandwidth usage for updates in the background and foreground. Reduce the bar to a minimum. Do the same for upload options. You don’t have to limit the monthly usage.

2. Configure Network adapter

Open the View Network settings. Right-click on the adapter you are currently using. Click on Properties and then on configure. Go to the Advanced tab. Disable any option that saves network power. You want the network to run at maximum potential. Go to the Power Management tab and uncheck allow the computer to turn off this device.

3. Limit Reservable Bandwidth

Type in gdedit.msc in the Windows search bar. From the right vertical menu, go to Administrative template and under network. Scroll down to QoS packet scheduler. From the right screen, select reservable bandwidth. Click on enable and put the percentage as 0%.

These tips will help you to reduce packet loss to a great extent. Also, check if your network cables are damaged or not. This is a common issue that people generally overlook. Ultimately, you will notice that not only your gaming experience but also your overall network usage has improved.